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Pure Labs Turbo Cuts Fat Burner Review

Trying to cut weight can be hard. A decent, proven fat burner can make it all the easier. Any product you invest in should have you covered for appetite support, energy and an all important boost in metabolism.

Pure Labs fat burner Turbo comes with ‘Pharmaceutical Grade’ written on the bottle. It must be strong, right? Wrong.

Whilst the ingredients profile look OK for a fat burner, it’s also a little short and has some unproven and ineffective ingredients. Very frustrating!

Let’s take a closer look and see what results you can expect from your time supplementing Turbo Cuts.

Pure Labs Turbo Cuts Fat Burner Ingredients

This ingredients profile is going to get you some good results in terms of energy levels and metabolism increases. But ultimately it’s lacking a lot of key vitamins, minerals and proven natural fat burners you should be expecting from a premium product. Ingredients like Chromium, Cayenne, Green Coffee etc.


Whilst this amino acid has proven mood boosting and focus boosting benefits it’s use in fat loss pills isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It’s thought that it may also help speed up the thermogenic process through stimulating the central nervous system.

This, as we mentioned, has not really been proven and reports are a mixed bag on using L-Tyrosine for weight loss.


Caffeine is a fat burning must have. It’s very well researched, extremely safe and can give you some great results. Caffeine works by speeding up the metabolism, causing more calories to burn. It also provides a good boost in energy and mood, making cutting weight a whole lot easier for you.

Camellia Sinesis

Green Tea is another essential ingredient for burning fat. It basically allows the liver to break down more stored fatty acids and use them for fuel. Another good thing about green tea is that it also has antioxidant properties!

Dandelion Root

Dandelion root is a diuretic, meaning it will make you wee more and shed some water weight. Great for very short term results. Bad if you are training hard.

2-Amino 6-Methylpentane (DMHA)

This is a stimulant. It’s also something that can be pretty brutal if you are not used to it. It basically keeps you more awake. Generally you only need 25-50mg (believe us) to feel this effect.

This product does need some rigorous testing, and is useful if you are spending hours in the gym. Other than that you would get enough energy from smaller doses of natural ingredients.

Citrus Aurantium

This is where things get a little alarming. Citrus Aurantium is yet another stimulant and has had reported interactions with caffeine in other supplements. Combining this with 2-Amino 6-Methylpentane and you’re looking at something very potent, and potentially harmful.

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Pure Labs Turbo Cuts Fat Burner Dose

1 capsule is 1 serving. We wouldn’t go over this at all. The blend of chemical and natural stimulants could make you very uncomfortable. This product will also leave you prone to some crashes, as you can only safely take a single dose.

For optimum fat burning results you need to keep 3-4 doses spread through the day. This ensures your appetite is suppressed and your metabolism on fire for as long as possible. Leaving you burning away that fat.

Pure Labs Turbo Cuts Fat Burner Side Effects

There’s plenty in here that could cause you to feel sick. Headaches and crashes are extremely likely too. You don’t want to invest in a product that’s going to have short term health implications and ruin all your hard work so far.

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Pure Labs Turbo Cuts Fat Burner Review Conclusion

Ultimately this is a very potent product. It will certainly keep you away and give you plenty of energy. But this will come at the risk of some awful side effects and crashes.

For your own health we wouldn’t recommend sustaining this products use for over 30 days. You will regret it.

There are far better natural alternatives on the market that guarantee results if you are not yet fully sold on Turbo Cuts.

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