The Elite T5 fat burner is a new weight loss supplement introduced by the Protein Empire, which comes with a nice 14 day money back guarantee. But does it really have what it takes to be a good supplement, or to be introduced in our list of top 3 fat burners? Keep reading to find out.


The Elite T5 fat burner isn’t that great in terms of packaging and looks. It comes in a dark gray bottle with a silver lid and a blue and silver label.


Packed with an impressive number of ingredients, some of them best known for their ability to boost weight loss, Elite T5 seems to be promising. Let’s take a deeper look at the ingredients and discover more about how they work.elite t5

Green Tea Leaf Extract

Green tea is well known for its ability to boost metabolism, and a lot of weight loss and fitness enthusiasts bet by it. But apart from that, it does also have other health benefits associated with its consumption, which makes it a good one on the ingredients list.

Naringin Extract

Naringin is a bioflavonoid which is uniquely found in grapefruit, and has unproven fat burning properties. We are not sure why this is in here as it’s an ineffective ingredient in any fat burner. 

Capsicum Extract

Capsicum contains an enzyme called capsaicin, which is responsible for giving it that ‘hot’ taste. Apart from lending it the flavor, it also aggressively boosts metabolism and speeds up fat burning exponentially.


Caffeine has been popular as a metabolism booster, and is a part of this fat burning supplement too. Apart from helping with weight management by stimulating thermogenesis, caffeine is also linked to better physical and mental alertness, better energy levels and enhanced concentration levels. Some studies have also found that it helps prevent many mental health disorders including Parkinson’s disease. You NEED caffeine in ANY fat burner you buy. 


Elite T5 also packs in L-Carnitine, which is another metabolism booster. Apart from boosting metabolism, L-Carnitine also helps initiate the toxic buildup in the body, which makes it a good detox agent. However it’s not ideal for a fat burner, as works more with muscle. 


Chromium extracts, even in minute quantities, have the ability to suppress appetite and thereby reduce the instances of binge eating, which is a common cause of weight gain, especially among those suffering from compulsive eating disorders. Excellent to see in ANY fat burner. 

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As far as the dosage is concerned, 2 capsules max are to be taken everyday- 1 capsule with a large glass of water 30 minutes before breakfast, and the second capsule 30 minutes before lunch. When buying a fat burner you should be looking to have something with 3-4 capsules per day.

This is more expensive, but avoids energy crashes and keeps your metabolism burning through the day.



The Elite T5 is priced at £17.99 for a bottle containing 60 capsules, which makes it good value for the ingredients. But it is a little under dosed for an effective fat burner. 


All in all, the Elite T5 does a moderately good job with its pricing, but it could have been a lot better in terms of ingredients and their efficacy, which is why, it didn’t make it to our list of top 3 fat burners.