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Protein Dynamix Total UltraBurn Fat Burner Review

You are here because you want to cut weight. Well we are here to tell you what to do it with. Fat burners can be an invaluable tool for anyone wanting to cut down. The fat burner marketing is a minefield. So, how does Total UltraBurn from Protein Dynamix stack up?


Packaging says a lot about a fat burner. The packaging of Protein Dynamix Total UltraBurn is clean and professional. Focusing on the two main ingredients, that are also two great fat burning ingredients (no surprise there!). We are looking forward to taking a close look at the contents of this fat burner!

IngredientsProtein Dynamix Ingredients List

This is a fat burner that is packed with ingredients. From initial looks we are pretty happy with a lot of them and the results they will provide you, however lets take a closer look at dose and see if there is anything in there that could actually do more bad than good. Remember, when buying a fat burner check if everything is natural, also make sure all the ingredients have proven to be dosed right and are actually effective in what they do!

Vitamin B6

A great metabolism booster. Vitamin b6 helps the body create glucose from stored carbohydrates, this helps you maintain sugar levels and will prevent you from getting cravings from any sugary or fatty foods. Not only this, it can help with muscle growth. It does this by helping your body absorb amino acids and help muscles take on protein too! Good to see!



Another solid fat burning ingredient. This again helps you regulate blood sugar levels and keeps your energy levels balanced. While we are happy to see this in here, both the Vitamin B6 and Chromium are a little over dosed. Be careful with this as it could cause some slight side effects. So far so good though!


This is an amino acid. It is used as a stimulant in supplements. While this supplement falls short of the recommended 500mg dose, it may actaully interact with the other stimulants in the supplement. (Caffeine) Therfore we’d use this supplement with caution and test it before commiting to the full dose. It is fairly common to get headaches from this ingredient, especially when it is used with other stimulants.


This ingredient raises the body temperature and therefore burns fat. You want to be looking for this from natural sources. Good fat burners use capsicum from natural sources like Cayenne.  The dosage of this seems a bit excessive, to raise temprature and avoid stomach upset you want to be looking 100mg-200mg. Protein Dynamix Total UltraBurn goes a bit over and hits you with 800mg. Again, we’d recommend testing your tolerance.

ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid)

Dosed at the perfect amount, Alpha Lipoic Acid is generally used to increase energy metabolism. It can easily be synthesized in the body by eating meats and some fruit and vegetables. This is also where the problem lies with supplementing it. As your body actually produces this mitochondrial fatty acid on it’s own, there is no reason to supplement it yourself and studies have shown that when it is added on top of a healthy diet, it can put unnecessary stress on your liver.

Green Tea

A good, natural, completely tested fat burning ingredient. Used by most people in the fitness world green tea is a staple for any fat burner and another ingredient we are pleased to see in this supplement. There is a heavy dose of this in here, so the stimulatory and fat burning effects may be quite strong. We also think it’s a bit risky as it may interact with L-Tyrosine.


The safest bet when burning fat. Another good ingredient to have. But again, another that may carry a bit of risk and interact with the L-Tyrosine, causing headaches. The caffeine is dosed about right, maybe a little short for a fat burner, but should still give you more energy and speed up your metabolism.


Known to reduce stress, this is a nondietry amino acid found pretty much exclusively in teas. It will help reduce the stimulatory effects of caffeine while still providing the person who supplements with increased energy. This is a good addition and with a fair dosage.


3 capsules per day is about right. The problem we have with this supplement however is that while you will get some stimulatory effects and an increased metabolism, you need something that will further the feeling of fullness also. Another area is the L-Tyrosine, something that should never be supplemented along another stimulant at any dose. This could cause side effects. So, as we’ve mentioned before, if you are committed to buying this supplement then please test your tolerance first.

2018 Protein Dynamix Total UltraBurn Review Update

The Protein Dyanmix Total Ultraburn is not the worst product. In fact, some might even say that it’s pretty damn good. It has caffeine, capsicum, and green tea- all of which are very good ingredients.

However, there are a couple of things that are problematic about the solution of this particular supplement. It used risky ingredients that we don’t like seeing in the fat burners that we analyze, then and now.

In the end, this didn’t make it into our list. The list is our Top 3 Fat Burner Review. This is updated with only the best of the best fat burner supplements. Ones that work- and pose no threat to you. 


While this supplement has a really solid set of fat burning qualities, we are just not sure it’s worthy of our top 3 fat burners due to the risks carried by the L-Tyrosine. If you do want an effective product that carries the good points from this and more we recommend taking a look at our TOP 3, or our current 2016 number #1.


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