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Protein Co Fat Burner Elite Review

Canadian company Protein Co are a huge company with supplements for everything. Their Elite Fat Burner uses a blend of natural ingredients to boost your metabolism up and get your body burning fat.

There’s a fairly controversial ingredient that takes the top spot in the blend for this product. The product looks great though and comes in at a fairly standard price for a fat burner.

It’s important when choosing a product you buy something natural and clincally dosed. You also need to be sure that all ingredients are backed by scientific studies and proven to work.

Protein Co Fat Burner Elite Core Ingredients

The ingredients list in Protein Co’s fat burner is nice and concise. With 7 ingredients in total that look to be fairly dosed.

There’s some amino acids in here too, which can help with the breakdown of fat for energy and focus. Generally though, amino acids need to be at higher doses than fit in most fat burners to get optimal results.

Let’s see what’s in Fat Burner Elite anyway –

Raspberry Ketones

If you look for real science backing the use of Raspberry Ketones as a weight loss supplement. 400mg is a pretty high dose of an ingredient that may under perform for you too.

This is a shame, as there are far better ingredients out there that have been tested and proven countless times. Green Coffee bean would be a great replacement for this.


L-Carnitine been proven by studies to promote fatty acids crossing mitochondrial membranes, speeding up the process of energy burned as fat.

400mg will get you some reasonable results. Even more so if you are training hard.

Green Tea

A solid proven fat burning ingredient. Green tea works in a similar way to the L-Carnitine, in that the catechin polyphenols allow the body to break down more fatty acids for energy. There’s also the added benefit of green tea boosting your metabolism and giving you some extra energy for workouts.

An effective dose of green tea would be about 400-500mg, so Fat Burner Elite is a little under dosed.


This amino acid works in the body by improving thyroid functioning and again allows the body more access to stored fat as energy.

It’s good, but again would require you to be working out fairly heavily to get the best results from it and is more at home in a pre workout. You generally also need more than 100mg to get proper results from it.


There are 0 studies to support this ingredient as something that can improve athletic performance. It could potentially make you feel less sleepy, but we couldn’t find any evidence of this again, so this is a non ingredient.


It’s a molecule extracted from hot peppers that makes your body temperature rise, trying to cool your body, you will burn more calories. You need around 100mg for this to be effective.

5mg in Fat Burner Elite isn’t going to be doing much.

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Protein Co Fat Burner Elite Dose

2 capsules per serving isn’t really enough. Even with 200mg of Green Tea and 400mg of L-Carnitine you need a dose that’s going to last you through the day.

Our number #1 fat burner has 4 capsules per day, ensuring it uses its blend of 10 natural fat burners to get the most from your time losing that fat!

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Protein Co Fat Burner Elite Side Effects

You shouldn’t get any negative side effects from this product which is good.

This is because it uses all natural ingredients and isn’t hiding any of it’s dosing inside a proprietary blend.

Protein Co Fat Burner Elite Review Conclusion

This is an ok product. But we wouldn’t say it goes all out when it comes down to using ingredients supported by science and proven to work.

Raspberry ketones in a bit of a waste and the green tea is under dosed.

You ideally want something with a bigger serving size too! But there are some good ingredients in here, so supplementing for an extended period will get you some results.

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