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ProElite Xtrim Slim Fat Burner Review

Xtrim Slim is the fat burner from ProElite supplements. It’s important when choosing a fat burner you ensure you’ve got the right ingredients to do the job. You want to be looking for something natural, safe and well tested. We are impressed with what we’ve read about Xtrim Slim Fat burner from ProElite. So lets take a deeper look into the product and see if it’s something you should invest in to meet your goals!


Clean, and to the point. We’ve seen worse fat burners. This doesn’t look too much like a hugely expensive and effective product, however the greens on the bottle do give off an impression that this could indeed be a natural supplement. Something you should ALWAYS be looking out for when you are shopping for a fat burner.


While the ingredients list doesn’t look too long with this supplement the price is relatively low. Remember though you need to be taking something with proven ingredients and covers all the major effects you need to effectively cut down excess fat (More energy, reduced appetite and greater metabolic rate). Lets take a look and see if ProElite Xtrim Slim Fat Burner has hit the nail on the head with it’s concise ingredients list.

Citrus AurantiumPro Elite Xtrim Slim Ingredients

We covered a blend that used this ingredient recently and have since come across some evidence that this can interact with other stimulants and cause damage and side effects in certain doses. While we are sure the amount in ProElite Xtrim Slim is perfectly safe, we still wouldn’t want to take any risks with this ingredient as there is actually very little proof it will work as a fat burner. Generally it is known for it’s qualities as an antioxidant.

Caffeine Anhydrous

A safe fat burning bet. Caffiene is so well known and is proven to increase your metabolism while fueling you as you blast out a high rep workout. 234mg however is a little under dosed. An effective amount would be about 300-350mg in a day. Spread out evenly to ensure your energy levels don’t dip and you get the best results from you metabolism being raised. We have reviewed other fat burners with this amount so check the dose on those.


This is a natural ingredient that is taken from a South African tree. It mainly serves as a stimulant, like the caffeine. The problem here is that there have been no studies to prove that this ingredient will actually boost athletic performance. Some also say it will aid sexual performance, but again this may not be true and more studies need to be carried out. The recommend dose of this ingredient would be around 200mg+, so in the case of ProElite Xtrim Slim, it’s pretty under dosed with 40mg.

green-teaGreen Tea

Excellent, a staple fat burning ingredient. Green tea contains EGCG, which is a powerful antioxidant that will stimulate your metabolism. Again, helping your body to burn stored fuel as fat. In green tea there is also catechin polyphenols, which help your body break down triglyceride, something that you need a certain amount of, but can cause obesity when you have too much. Your body produces triglyceride from sugars inside your small intestine and liver.

N-Acetyl L-Carnitine

Naturally produced by the body, N-Acetyl L-Carnitine is an amino acid that helps to produce energy. It’s known and supplement as a stimulant. However, studies have shown that it will have less effect than caffeine when providing you with energy. For optimal dose you need to be look at around 500mg. Again, this product greatly under doses on this ingredient. Studies also show, that this has more of an effect on the elderly.


We found this supplement on amazon.com for about $19.00. Cheap. Very cheap. But when you consider you are getting a small dose of under performing ingredients it’s no surprise. We’d recommend looking at spending a little more on a fat burner that has a full range of fat burning effects! You cannot go wrong with a premium brand, especially when it comes down to revealing you abs!

2018 ProElite Xtrim Slim Review Update

The ProElite Xtrim Slim was tempting because of the price. Now, there’s no denying that money is a big factor in deciding what kind of fat burner you would prefer to use. That was why we had seriously considered this supplement.

However, we ended up being rather disappointed by the underdosed ingredients. They could have taken out useless ingredients like Guarana and upped the dosages of ingredients like Caffeine and Green Tea Extract.

This supplement is nothing in comparison to the monster fat burners that we listed on our updated 2018 Top 3 Fat Burner Review. If you’re open to spending a little more money for a supplement that works? Make sure to check it out. 


We were hoping this would be a cheap addition to our top 3 fat burners. But we are pretty saddened that the product is under dosed and some of the ingredients are ineffective and maybe a little risky. If you were considering on saving a bit of money and buying this, we’d recommend you save for a little longer and take a step up to a better fat burner with a higher dose of well rounded ingredients. Check out our current number #1 here.

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