In order to lose weight and cut down unwanted fat successfully, you need to follow these essential steps that every fitness professional and body expert will say to you hundreds of times (not to mention see them crop up online loads too) :

  • A well proportionated diet, full of natural whole foods. And one that fits according to your individual goals.
  • A killer workout according to your physique condition, and goals. Find some tips on exercises in our fat burning tips section.
  • Finally, a solid fat burner that is effective, natural and gives you good value for money.

Cutting down is easily achievable by following the above steps, the big problem is finding the correct fat burner and something that is going to work and not make you ill, or leave you with no effects at all. We will check out Pro-Supps offering, Mr. HYDE Cutz, it is sold as a pre workout and a Fat Burner and see if it’s a good fit for you and your six pack goals.


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Your Score (Average)2.75
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Price $30
Side EffectsHigh risk
Overall Score 1/5


There is an absolutely huge amount of ingredients in this product. Whilst you may think this represents good value for money, or a more effective product, we’re sorry to say that bigger isn’t always better. The range means that it’s doubtful you are going to feel a smooth fat burning edge and more get an uncomfortable buzz from this product.

Remember, if you are burning fat and need to train hard too, most fat burners will serve your goals far better.

 Beta-Alanine: It’s a building block of carnosine, helps by buffering acids in muscles. Between its desirable effects, it can increase in physical performance in short bursts between 60-240 pro-supps-mr.-hyde-cutz-ingredientsseconds, making it a perfect ally for bodybuilders.

However, it has some side effects that might make you a little uncomfortable. It has been proven to cause flushing and tingling in the bodies people with a low tolerance to it, and also in people who’ve been taking it for long periods of time. So while Beta-Alanine could be useful for building up, it might not be what you are looking for in a fat burner.

Yohimbe: Companies including this dangerous ingredient into supplements are not smart! Yohimbe can be fatal for people who suffer from psychosis and other mental disorders. Even if you don’t suffer from anything and can take this without a problem, there is little evidence to support its fat burning properties. If you are looking for a fat burner, you should be looking for Green Tea or Cayenne pepper in your supplement.

Agmatine Sulfate: Its use is a little bit controversial because it cannot be used along with L-arginine, yohimbe, and creatine. In addition, it lacks solid medical evidence about its effects and indeed it’s side effects. Be aware of this!

The main ingredients are all safe in the short term and it does contain some good fat burners. Caffeine being the major one, helping your energy levels through the day. But we will cover the problems with this in the dose.


You must take 1 serving or 1 scoop mixed with 8oz of water just 20-30 minutes before exercise and it’s recommended to drink plenty of water during exercise and during the rest of the day. It’s dangerous to use 2 scoops, so avoid doing that. In terms of fat burning effect, this is a little disappointing and will basically function purely as a pre workout. For a solid fat burner you need something that’s dosed so that you will feel it’s effects throughout the day.

Price And Where Can I Buy It?

It has a slightly elevated price, but in the same budget as others, you can expect to find it in several online bodybuilding stores, but you won’t find it on Amazon. The price is around $40. For a little more you should be looking to buy a product that actually burns fat throughout the day whilst also providing you with a NATURAL pre workout boost. We’ve put a page of the top 3 high energy effective fat burners here.



Verdict: Should I Buy This Supplement?

Pro-Supps Mr. Hyde Cutz  might be worth it if you’re a professional/serious bodybuilder that doesn’t mind some risks. But on the other hand, if you’re a regular guy or girl looking to get in good shape, we wouldn’t advise using this as a fat burner, it has many risks and some ingredients can be dangerous for specific groups of people. REMEMBER that you cannot blend creatine, yohimbe or L-arginine with Agmatine Sulfate.

While this may make an OK pre workout, the supplement itself is dosed wrong to make claim as a fat a burner.

To successfully cut fat you need to be looking for a natural fat burning product. We have reviewed some good ones, like Thermo Detonator by Grenade or our current number 1 fat burner.