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PMD Z Test Review

With this crowded supplement market, it becomes very difficult to find the supplement that works for you. Today we will be covering a testosterone booster that is called PMD Z Test. 

If you are struggling with performing in both the bedroom and in the gym, then you have probably thought about buying a testosterone booster. These are known to help, not only in the bedroom but inside of the gym as well. 

The PMD Z Test probably isn’t the best supplement, but we can’t say that for sure just yet. It is made by the NDS Nutrition manufacturer. It’s been producing supplements since 2002. They have created this formula with natural ingredients. 

Said natural ingredients are meant to improve testosterone production, give you more strength and energy and improve your overall health.

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Ingredients of PMD Z Test

There are 11 key ingredients inside of the PMD Z Test solution. Unfortunately, this supplement does include a few proprietary blends.

PMD Z Test Ingredients


Aside from its job to improve your health, this ingredient will enhance the testosterone production.


This ingredient should work on your stress level and anxiety, and if combined with caffeine, you should get improved focus and cognition.


We believe that this is a poor choice made by the company. It should increase the testosterone in your body, but the problem is that it isn’t proven yet. You should avoid ingredients that don’t have enough evidence.


Very healthy ingredient that should protect your prostate and urinary function. It has a slight connection to testosterone, but nothing significant.

Agaricus Bisporus

This nutrient should reduce the level of estrogen, which will increase the production of testosterone.


It helps with sleep problems and insomnia. Better sleep leads to increased muscle growth and improved strength.


An all natural ingredient that is considered to be a male mineral. It will help with your libido and regulation of testosterone.

Chamomile Flower Extract

An ingredient that makes this product a nighttime supplement. It should relax you and calm your body. Helps a lot with insomnia.

Calcium Fructoborate

A natural ingredient that is extracted from fruits and vegetables. It will enhance your metabolism and will help you gain higher testosterone levels.

Vitamin D

A vitamin that is a good combination when you have Calcium Fructoborate because it will boost your testosterone. Also, it improves your overall health especially the health of your bones.


Extracted from plants and should reduce the production of estrogen leading to higher testosterone. However, it might come with some side effects if the dosage is too high, therefore, it is a risky element of the formula.

Where to buy PMD Z Test

You can find this product online, on websites such as Amazon. There, it costs 68.99 US Dollars, which is a pretty high price. However, it is worth mentioning that you will get 180 capsules, and you need to take 3 capsules before bedtime. This is an overnight supplement that will block the estrogen level and help with testosterone. Don’t overreact and don’t even try to take it throughout the day.

Negative Side Effects of PMD Z Test

The first problem comes with the lack of studies and reviews that support the claims from the company. Some of the ingredients are not yet proven to work. Also, you don’t get a back return policy and the formula is pretty expensive.

As for the side effects, some people reported symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and vomiting. Others claimed that they have experienced skin problems, like color change and oily skin, and new acne on their body.

However, these are rare side effects and it depends on the person who is consuming the supplement. Each body and every system reacts differently to the ingredients from the product.

If you have problems with allergies, ask your doctor for an advice before you decide to consume this testosterone booster.

Just remember to take 3 capsules before going to bed because this supplement works its miracles while you sleep. Also, you shouldn’t consume this supplement if you have drunk alcohol before going to bed.

PMD Z Test Conclusion 

Although the formula does have some potential. There is not enough of it to counter the negatives that come with consuming this supplement. There are a couple troubling ingredients in here. Ingredients that are dangerous for your health and body. 

Not only that, but the price is way too high for a supplement that hides its ingredients inside of blends! We can’t say for sure if the ingredients are beneficial or risky because almost everything is inside of a proprietary blend. The dose is about the only good thing inside of this, and maybe the melatonin.

However, melatonin is much more helpful for sleep. The actual testosterone booster ingredient inside of this formula are either libido booster or not backed by actual science.

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