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PhenQ Weight Loss Pills Review

Sometimes all it takes is a little push. Just an extra helping hand, that will help in fulfilling your desired outcome.

If you’re already beginning your journey into weight loss- then using diet pills are the things that will help you realize this goal.

People who have been working to get themselves out of their stump.

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People who are looking for that little bit of a push in order to make their fat loss dream a reality.

There’s no shame in using these pills, and in some cases, you might even be prescribed to take them.

So long as you know how to use them in a responsible way, then you’ll be alright and get some good results.

PhenQ Review Introduction

PhenQ is a diet pill, that is marketed as a way to replace the need of having to take multiple pills related to weight loss.

This product was “…tested and approved by the GMP Labs, which makes it an undeniably high-quality weight loss solution.”

There is a proprietary blend in pills, around 400 milligrams, with seven ingredients expressed in the label.

Out of the 60 pills per bottle, you are recommended to use only 2 pills per day.

Meaning an entire bottle should last you for a whole 30 days, so one month of coverage.

PhenQ Ingredients

PhenQ markets themselves as a product that is supposed to help you lose weight in a multitude of ways.

This way you can save money by not having to buy tons of different pills and taking them every day, whereas you can achieve everything with this one pill from PhenQ.

So what is the formula inside of these dietary supplements?

One of the main things it’s based on is the Phentermine-Q. Which is where the name of the product itself was derived from.

Phentermine-Q is often used as a way to suppress one’s appetite.

It is not something that you should be taking just on its own. It’s most effective when paired with a healthy lifestyle and or exercise.

PhenQ is all natural and completely legal. In that, the ingredients found inside of them are 100% natural and is safe to consume and use.

There are a total of seven different ingredients expressed on the label.

What exactly do these ingredients do, and how do they work?


Caffeine is one of the expressed ingredients on the bottle. Now, you may be wondering… ‘How does caffeine help me lose weight?’

If you are like me, or like a lot of people really, then you may drink coffee on a regular day to day basis. This is not uncommon, coffee is widely used worldwide.

There has been no definite proof that coffee causes weight loss, no studies have led to this assured conclusion, but there are theories on how caffeine may affect appetite and the burning of calories.

Researchers have theorized that “…caffeine may reduce feelings of hunger and your desire to eat for a brief time”

They’ve also found that “…caffeine appears to increase energy use even when you’re at rest.

It stimulates thermogenesis — one way your body generates heat and energy from digesting food.”

What this means is that while there have been studies that have been done on the topic, because of the quality of these studies there is no definite proof of caffeine being 100% effective on humans when it comes to weight loss.

Capsimax Powder

This is a proprietary blend. We are given what may be inside of it, which the name suggests is mostly capsicum.

However, there are other things in it as well, “…fruit extracts, caffeine, black pepper, and niacin.”

There was a study conducted in 2006 that concluded that sweet peppers can actually help you lose weight and body fat.

Now, the research for this was not as broad as you’d think.

They were only able to study a specific paper, one they called CH-19. Further studies have not been done.

All of these ingredients are supposed to work together in order to naturally begin to burn body fat.

Chromium Picolinate:

Chromium Picolinate has a wide variety of meat, veggies, grains, etc. all packed into one.

This is meant to tamper down whatever craving you might have for sugar and or carbs.

It is also said to be able to not only help with keeping your blood pressure level but also helps in the promoting of the sugar you absorb turning into energy.

Calcium Carbonate:

Calcium is something we are told to take in, it’s something our parents and our teachers tell us to consume.

As a child that was in the form of milk. Milk is not only supposed to strengthen our bones but it’s supposed to help us grow taller as well.

However, one thing you probably did know about is the propensity for calcium to result in a fairly visible drop in body fat levels.

Supposedly, calcium doesn’t slow down the body’s propensity to store fat.

It’s only logical then, that because your body isn’t storing as much fat, you are able to lose a lot more weight.

L-Carnitine Fumarate:

This is something that is found naturally in meat, nuts and green vegetables.

L-Carnitine is supposed to help the conversion of fat into energy, this way you have an endless supply of energy that you can use to burn fat.


Nopal is a material that comes from a plant called the ‘Mexican prickly pear cactus.

The fiber inside of this is supposed to help get rid of excess fat and is also considered a health boost outside of weight loss.

Magnesium Stearate and Oxide:

This is considered something that is important to the body. It is often used as something to mix and keep together a blend in order to make a proper supplement.

aLacy’s Reset:

This is supposed to help a person reach higher levels of metabolism, thus speeding up the calorie burning process.

PhenQ Dose

The recommended dosage is two pills a day. This is the only way in which the supplement would be effective. Any more than that is obviously not suggested.

The ingredients inside of the supplement are all natural and supposedly work together in order to make a pill that is supposed to encompass other pills that only promises to do one or two things.

PhenQ Side-Effects. Is it Safe? Does it work?

There are no common side-effects to note. This product, upon the writing of this article, has been bought by 190,000 customers who have given positive reviews.

Because it is such a widely known product, there would have been something horrid out by now disclaiming it.

However, if you look it up online, all you will be able to see are positive testimonials by real people who have tried this product and claim to have received the promised results.

Now, PhenQ is also considered FDA-approved. It’s been something that has been tested again and again, and no issues came about after these experiments.

I’m going to have to say that yes, it is safe. It’s not a magic pill that’s going to make everything better in one go, and that’s a good thing.

If you take the required dose each time, there will be results just not in the speedy way that everyone seems to expect.

Where to Buy PhenQ?

One of the best ways to know that you will be getting the product as advertised is by buying directly through their website. ‘Click here in order to get to their website and order now.

The price of a bottle $69.95, that is a lot more than what a lot of the other competitors are asking for. However, the main reason for this is because the pill is supposed to make all these other supplements useless.

Because it covers a lot of what other supplements carry.

Still, the price is probably a lot steeper than some of you might be willing to make. Again, consider the number of ingredients in them, and their supposed benefits.

They also offer a deal where if you buy 2, you get one for free. So if you have friends who might want to try it as well, that would be the best thing to do to start.

PhenQ Review Conclusion

This is something I would suggest to those who are willing to spend a little bit more money to start off with.

If this is not your cup of tea, you can always head on over to this article called, “Top 3 Fat Burners“. This will lead you to a comprehensive review our most favorite body burner products.

Specifically Instant Knockout, which has safe bigger doses that are backed up by many scientific studies.

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