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Phedracut XT Hyper Burn Review

BSN latest fat burner is Phedracut XT Hyper Burn. BSN have a long history of producing solid and dependable supplements. One look at the hyper shredded Ryan Terry shows that their supplements work. If he takes them.

Phedracut XT then, is a little disappointing. We’ve reviewed HyperShred Edge recently, which was better and a little bit cheaper. But where do these supplements rank overall when it comes to fat burners? Sadly, not in the top 3 fat burners.

This fat burner contains 7 ingredients that are completely natural and should be reasonably effective. You get 125mg of caffeine in each capsule, which is why this has probably earned the name ‘Hyper Burn’. This is a little higher than a lot of supplements so could cause side effects.

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Phedracut XT Hyper Burn Ingredients

Ingredients in BSN’s Phedracut fat burner are fairly good. With most actually serving a function. It is missing some key fat burners though and is slightly under dosed with some elements.

The use of everything natural however is an essential part of buying a safe and side effect free fat burner that gets you results.

High levels of stimulants mean your metabolism will increase and you will feel energy levels go up following a serving.

Dose wise, there isn’t anything too unsafe about Phedracut, just the caffeine which means you should be cautious.

Phedracut XT Hyper Burn Review Ingredients


Caffeine is absolutely essential when it comes to a natural fat burner. Regularly consumed in coffees and energy drinks, caffeine actually impacts the metabolism and helps the body burn away stored fat as fuel.

This ingredient is well studied and generally safe to supplement. Phedracut does have a fairly high dose of caffeine so be cautious.

Green Coffee Bean

Green Coffee bean has been proven to help give your metabolism a boost, but more interestingly it can actually help burn fat through affecting insulin in the body.

Green coffee is something else you should be looking for in a fat burner. You need around 100mg for it to be truly effective, so PhedraBurn fat burner will contain loads more than that.


This is essentially a more concentrated and trademarked version of green tea. Green tea is proven to have massive fat burning benefits at high doses. It’s hard to tell if this version of it in BSN’s fat burner will be as effective though.

Studies that prove that Green Tea works in fat burners have generally been performed on extract and not trademarked versions like Phytofare.


Teacrine is a trademarked version of┬áTheacrine.┬áWhich is a common ingredient found in teas. It’s effects enhance focus and can help channel energy. Which is why it’s a good ingredient to be combined with caffeine. The dose you get in Phedracut might be a little lacking though, with other supplements and pre workouts offering up to 200mg doses.

Where can you buy Phedracut XT Hyper Burn?

You can get 80 capsules of this fat burner directly from the USN website here. Price wise this supplement is quite expensive, when you take into account the ingredients and dosages used.

80 capsules costs $45.00 or £38.00 roughly. When you consider you can get 120 capsules of our #1 fat burner Instant Knockout for a little more, it works out at the same as premium supplement. But offering less.

Phedracut XT Hyper Burn Dose

Dose wise you have 2 capsules as a serving, which can be supplemented twice per day. This is a fairly good dose size, 4 capsules per day. However it’s better to buy a fat burner that has a spread serving structure. Ensuring you are kept topped up with the right ingredients for as long as possible.

By spreading the dose evenly you will burn more fat and your body will make more use of the available ingredients.

Phedracut XT Hyper Burn Side Effects

This product has some good natural ingredients in it. But as any fat burner that contains caffeine, people who buy it should be away of the side effects of too many stimulants.

Whilst the dose of caffeine in this product is the same as our number #1 fat burner, it’s more concentrated.

This can sometimes lead to energy crashes, headaches and nausea. Follow the instructions on Phedracut XT’s bottle.

Phedracut XT Hyper Burn Review Conclusion

We like to review USN’s fat burners as they are generally fairly well made products. Phedracut XT is a fat burner that uses all natural ingredients and doses that are nearly perfect.

It’s problem is that the ingredients list is just a bit smaller than other premium fat burners and the daily serving is lower.

If you are wanting to accelerate fat loss, you can do slightly better than USN’s┬áPhedracut XT Hyper Burn.

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