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Pharma Legal Methilean Fat Burner Review

If you want a real way to lose weight quickly, then choose METH! Or Methilean, as Pharma Legal want you to believe.

This fat burner promises a cracky, hardcore energy to it. Which to use sounds more like a pre workout than an effective fat burner.

You have 1 capsule per day that contains a proprietary blend of ingredients, mostly stimulants, in a bid to get you fat burning results.

Remember though, burning fat isn’t just about increasing metabolism and energy, you need something that will ensure a reduced calorie intake and also helps with mood and a steady fat burn through the day.

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Pharma Legal Methilean Fat Burner Core Ingredients

Like we said this product focuses on a proprietary blend. This means we can’t actually see the individual doses of ingredients.

When a product relies on stimulants, this is far from ideal, as stimulants can cause harmful side effects if you have a low tolerance or they interact with each other.

Generally companies use proprietary blends to hide the doses of ingredients so they can fill the product with the cheaper ones, making more profit.

Let’s take a look and see what goes into this small 503mg blend;

Juniper Berry

Known for its strong diuretic properties, meaning it can help you get rid of water weight, Junpier Berries are generally good at helping with urinary infections and not so much as a fat burning ingredient.

When you are burning fat you don’t really need a diuretic as you will just put that water weight back on as soon as you re-hydrate.


Is what probably takes up the bulk of the 500mg in this product. But that’s not too bad. While it is a cheaper ingredient, it’s also very effective and proven to increase your metabolism and energy.

Essential for a fat burner and you need to be looking for doses of around 300mg. Anything higher could cause some side effects if the serving size is too small.

Ephedra Nevadensis

Ephedra extract is what this supplement is all about and its core ingredient. While there are some positives to this ingredient, we’d always recommend steering clear where possible. This is a banned substance in many countries. Combined with caffeine, ephedra can likely cause nausea and headaches.


This ingredient has been proved to help when it comes to lose fat during short-term fasting. It can aid erectile dysfunction and serve as a general stimulant. Its effects are basically to increase the adrenaline levels in the body and inhibit regulatory process in fat cells.

Nonetheless, there’s not enough evidence to prove the facts mentioned above are true. It can be pretty dangerous for people who suffer from anxiety and combined with ephedra extract and caffeine, you run the risk of some side effects.


This ingredient raises the body temperature and therefore burns fat. You want to be looking for this from natural sources. Good fat burners use capsicum from natural sources like Cayenne.  You can get good results from around 100mg spread through the day. If you go to around 200mg you can get some slight side effects.

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Pharma Legal Methilean Fat Burner  Side Effects

There’s a strong potential of energy crashes from this product.

Not only that, the combination of 3 stimulants and ephedra extract could cause some more serious side effects like nausea and headaches.

This will be especially true in people who are less tolerant and caffeine and other stimulants.

Pharma Legal Methilean Fat Burner  Dose

1 capsule is a dose. This is a pre workout capsule, not a fat burner.

A fat burner should be ensuring you are keeping your metabolism boosted, energy and mood high and appetite suppressed through the day for best results.

Pharma Legal Methilean Fat Burner Review Conclusion

We understand that strong druggy sounding supplements are what Pharma Legal are about, but you can’t even really call Methilean a fat burner.

It’s blend means that most of the ingredients are probably under dosed, it just has a risky amount of stimulants on it’s side.

Whilst these stimulants will cause an increase in metabolism, this will wear off. Along with the energy you experience. As you crash you will feel lethargic and you’ll be more likely to gain fat.

Fat burning requires a natural, balanced supplement that ensures you keep your metabolism and energy high through the day. Ensuring maximum calorie deficit.

If you are serious about losing weight, there are far better options for burning fat and avoiding side effects. Methilean isn’t sustainable.

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Pharma Legal Methilean Fat Burner Review

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