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Performix SST v2X Fat Burner Review

Performix SST v2X is the latest fat burner from Performix Labs. They are an industry giant with plenty of excellent supplements under their belt. Let’s see if this is going to help you burn through excess fat in our Performix SST v2X Fat Burner Review.

The product looks and feels space age. A very very advanced looking package promises that this will deliver on serious fat burning results. But will the ingredients actually perform? Or is this going to be a blend of unproven ingredients?

Let’s see if this fat burner is worth your money and time.

Performix SST v2X Fat Burner Core Ingredients

The ingredients list, while long in appearence, is a little basic on this product. There also seems to be small doses of some key ingredients and some that could cause harmful side effects too.

On the bright side there are some proven good ingredients in this fat burner that will get you solid fat burning results. Let’s take a look at the core ingredients in detail.Performix SST v2X Fat Burner Review Ingredients


A solid fat burning ingredient. Countless studies have proven how effective it is. It increases metabolism, gives you energy and helps burn fat for energy.

The dose of caffeine in here is good, with the servings mean it keeps working through the day too.


A dangerous fat burning ingredient and one that should be taken carefully and avoided by anyone who may face drugs testing for work or their sport.

This is because its similar to Ephedrene, which is a banned substance and can cause harmful side effects. We avoid any supplements that contains this ingredient due to bad experiences.


Yohimbe is highly stimulatory compound that, no surprise has had little research.

As well as reported uses for fat burning, Yohimbe increases adrenaline levels and also inhibits a process in fat cells that normally prevents them from being used as energy.

It is worth bearing in mind that this ingredients effects can be prevented via food intake. Something which is far from ideal when you are training.

Rosemary Extract

There are limited studies on the use of Rosemary as a fitness supplement.

It has been shown that it MAY be effective for mental decline, but again this will have no direct influence on fat burning and may only help with focus for diet and training.


This is essentially black pepper. Extracted from a plant called Piper Nigrum in India. It has been reported that it can help the absorption of certain nutrients in the body.

This is a solid addition to a fat burner and it can also help speed up your metabolism.

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Performix SST v2X Fat Burner Dose

2 capsules per day. This isn’t enough to get the best results from any fat burning supplement.

For real effects you need a steady amount of all the ingredients through the day. This will keep your metabolism up and keep you fuelled with energy too.

Another thing with SST v2X is the massive price tag. You are paying for too much money for a small amount of capsules.

Performix SST v2X Fat Burner Side Effects

We’d be very careful taking this supplement as there can be some negative side effects from the Synephrine.

It has caused use some discomfort in the past at a smaller dose. Just be careful.

Performix SST v2X Fat Burner Cost

£104.55 for 120 caps. Wow. This is extremely expensive for what it is. You could near enough get 2 months of our number #1.

There’s too many risky ingredients in here to justify spending your money on this product too.

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Performix SST v2X Fat Burner Review Conclusion

This is a very expensive product. Whilst there are some good ingredients here, it’s also going to be a little risky and could cause you some side effects.

The product is hugely over priced for what it is too. We’d recommend you check our top 3 if you want a proven fat burning product.

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