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Peak Hellburner Black Edition Fat Burner Review

Hellburner Black edition is the latest fat burner from Peak International. This supplement, from what we can tell has followed in the footsteps of ‘Hellburner Reload’ which is a Fat Burner that was apparently made illegal due to the certain ingredients it contained. Here at What Fat Burner we are all for second chances, and so are looking forward to seeing what Hellburner Black Edition has to offer. This is a full, honest Peak Hellburner Black Edition Fat Burner Review.

It is worth noting though, that if the initial fat burning supplement was banned, then this product may be equally as tailored for the more hardcore, and in fact be fairly unsafe. But anyway, lets take a look at the product.


(We’ve added this section for this product, but will be using it more, as you often can judge a supplement by it’s cover!)Peak Hellburner Black Edition Fat Burner Review

Wow. Scary stuff from Peak International. The first impressions we get from this fat burner are similar to another illegal product. They look cheap and would be more a
t home sitting on someones arm. The black skull and flames don’t really give off the vibe of something you should be putting inside your body. While what you should really care about with a supplement is whats in the ingredients, we can safely assume this is going to be a heavy hitter just from the bottle!



Look through this products ingredients is both pleasing and scary. It’s really good to see plenty of natural, safe and proven fat burning ingredients in here.

We will pick out some of the major ingredients we feel you should be aware of when buying this supplement.

N-acetyl-L-tyrosine (A more soluble form of L-tyrosine)

This ingredient has potential to be an effective one. Adding this to a supplement means it will help cognition while you are training. N-acetyl-L-tyrosine does this as it is an amino acid that is used to produce noradrenaline and dopamine. For it to be effective, and not be dangerous you need to be sure you’re taking any prescription drugs that it could interfere with.

This ingredient should ideally be dosed at 500mg-1000mg to yield good results. So, disappointingly it is a little under dosed in this supplement. Remember to play it safe with this one too, as it could cause some side effects, even though the chances are slim.

Choline bitartrate

Again another stimulant. This is generally used to boost cognitive function and found in high amounts inside egg yolks.

There have been a few studies done on this ingredient, however none actually yielded any cardiovascular or cognitive benefits. Another problem with this ingredient is that depending on an individuals tolerance, a wrong dose has been known to cause headaches.

Capsicum Nomame Extract

This is fairly good to see. Although we hope it’s from a natural source. Capsicum we have covered before in our review of Cellucor SuperHD Xtreme. It’s a thermogenic, much like Cayenne and is good to see in this product. Any fat burner worth the money you are paying needs a thermogenic element. The problem we have here though is that we prefer that thermogenic to come from a natural source. Like all ingredients should do!

Lagerstroemia speciosa (Banaba Leaf)

This ingredient is known for it’s anti diabetic properties. Research is currently looking into if this is true, as early signs show that the variety of molecules it contains, like corosolic acid may benefit the control of glucose. Most research is still ongoing with this ingredient though, so it would’ve made more sense in our eyes to increase the dose of chromium (proven to have these effects) and get rid of this ingredient all together.


This is in here to promote blood flow. However studies have shown that this ingredient, that is found in oranges, may not actually have this effect at all. Hesperidin has to be taken to the colon to be absorbed into the blood. Meaning to get the positive effects, you will be delayed past the initial digestion of your capsule. There are some studies which have shown this ingredient may have some protective effects, especially of the brain with certain stressors, but these effects were seen with studies in animals.

Fat cutter supplementsVitamin B6

A well researched and solid metabolism booster. Vitamin B6 helps muscles to grow by increasing the absorption of amino acids. Not only this it will aid brain function and serve as an antioxidant. We have very little bad to say about this ingredient when contained in a fat burner!

Other Ingredients

There’s a lot of ingredients that go into Peak Hellburner Black Edition Fat Burner. Other ones of note are the Caffiene, as with others we are not entirely sure if this is from a natural source or not. But we can hope. Caffeine is a staple of any fat burner, to increase energy, metabolism and mood! Next Chromium, this ingredient helps with the synthesis of protein and prevent cravings. A great addition, and again, it would be good to get this from a natural source. Our current number #1 fat burner is a more dialed in and contains natural versions of these elements.


The dose of Peak Hellburner Black Edition Fat Burner seems about right.  4 capsules a day will give you the full benefits of the caffeine, chromium and other elements evenly spread and allowing maximum effect. Our problem though, is that with the mix of stimulants, some people will most likely experience discomfort from this supplement and it could cause stomach upsets. Please ensure you understand all the ingredients if you plan on buying this product. There are plenty of alternative fat burners out there that will give you better benefits with a more refined dose and carry less risk, so we do recommend you look into one of those.


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We found it at around $40.00. You can go to www.amazon.co.uk or try and find the companies web page. However this seemed quite difficult for us to find. It’ll be out there somewhere though! For $40.00 you can get a premium supplement that’s full of tested and effective ingredients though, so again, shop around and find something premium and natural before you invest in this!

2018 Peak Hellburner Black Edition Review Update

The Peak Hellburner Black Edition gave us quite the headache. The thing is, it tried. It really did try to be a good fat burner.

However, it might have tried too hard. There are good ingredients inside of it, that’s still true- even today. The only problem is, they could have done away with other ingredients, ingredients that have no place being inside of a fat burner.

Now, if you’re interested in a fat burner that will provide only positive effects. We recommend checking out our updated 2018 Top 3 Fat Burner Review. You’ll find everything you need there.

Conclusion Hell Burner Final Score

This supplement is a tough one, it’s full of the right ingredients, but then also full with a lot of wrong and ineffective ones. We have no doubt it will have some fat burning qualities, but you are far better off choosing a supplement that has these and more. Be safe with this product too. Test your tolerance if you do buy. If you want something thats guaranteed to work, check out our current top 3.

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