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PaleoTrim All Natural Weight Loss Pills Review

PaleoTrim is an all natural fat burning supplement. This supplement features a proprietary blend of well known fat burning ingredients, linked to fruits and nature. We’d love for these ingredients to combine into a safe and effective fat burner.


The branding looks ok. Fairly basic, but gets the whole fruity point across.  One thing we think it is lacking though, is any benefits or any real quality. If you are paying premium, you want a premium looking product too. So, let’s see if this proprietary blend makes up for it.


Scanning over these ingredients, things don’t look too good for this supplement. Whilst natural ingredients are generally good, a lot of those that are heavily marketed are bad.

Raspberry Ketone


This is a made up fat burning ingredient. It offers basically no benefits and is the by product of a clever marketing stunt by some perfume industry giants. What’s more Raspberry Ketone could actually have long term side effects that have remained undiscovered.

African Mango

Or Irvingia gabonensis as it’s known, is a common food eaten in, you guessed it, Africa. This is hailed as an ingredient that will help you resist cravings and therefore lose excess fat. The problem though, is that of 2 successful scientific studies, 2 were funded by supplement companies. Alarm bells!

Acai Fruit

This, like Raspberry Ketones is the product of some clever marketing. There are actually no studies supporting this as a fat burning ingredient. In fact studies only really show that it contains some basic vitamins, as any fruit. And thats not even when it’s put into powder form.

Green Tea Extract

Finally! An ingredient we can get along with. Green tea has been throughly tested and proven to provide a whole host of fat burning benefits. It not only helps your body burn excess fat as fuel, but will increase energy through the day helping with cravings and workouts.


Generally found in red wine, this ingredient hasn’t really had any links to being a fat burner. It is more known for anti aging properties than anything else. You don’t really need this when you are burning fat. It can also cause some problems with people with various allergies, so speak to a doctor before you start taking this.


You know what caffiene does. It’s effective, it’s safe and its a great addition to any fat burner. The dosing does have to be right to give you the full fat burning benefits, so it’d be annoying if this supplement was under dosed and filled with more of the ineffective ingredients above.


Another silly ingredient. There are no fat burning benefits to Kelp.


There are some studies that have supported Grapefruit, which is good to see. Largely these have been in juice form, and, it’s not as effective as some other fat burning ingredients and doesn’t give you as many benefits.


This supplement costs $34.99 on amazon. Which is fairly reasonable, but you’d be far better off investing in a supplement thats full of proven ingredients and provide you with a wider range of benefits. Premium products get you better results. Trust us.


Whilst this supplement may appeal due to it’s natural ingredients, it is also a proprietary blend and so any good fat burning ingredients, like caffeine or green tea, are going to be underused.  If you want a solid fat burner that has a full set of proven ingredients, check out our top 3 fat burners.


We do love a natural product, which is why are current number #1 fat burner is one. This, just doesn’t cut it. Whilst theres a lot of natural extracts from fruits, non of them are that good at burning fat. For a little more you can get proper results and not ingredients that are popular due to clever marketing.

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