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Optimum Nutrition Opti Fit Review

Opti Fit is a fat burner from industry giants Optimum Nutrition that promises a hugely increased metabolism.

When you’re looking to cut away that unwanted and annoying bit of fat, a product that boosts metabolism is absolutely essential.

When you’re metbaolic rate is higher, your body is burning more and more calories. This means that you will lose weight, as long as you maintain a calorie deficit.

But how does Opti Fit and it’s ingredients list stack up against our proven and effective top fat burners?

Lets find out.

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What Ingredients are in Optimum Nutrition Opti Fit?

Optimum Nutrition’s Opti Fit ingredients are completely natural and quite focused.

3/6 of them have a stimulant property, which is why this product is so focused at getting your metabolism fired up and working overtime.

The problem with stimulant heavy supplements is they can leave you feeling a bit shitty.

Jitters, energy crashes etc are very real side effects.

The dose of stimulants in Opti Fit is relatively safe thankfully, so the side effects may not apply to you. But it is worth testing your tolerance first.

Optimum Nutrition Opti Fit Fat Burner Review


L-Carnitine helps with protein synthesis and providing energy to cells. This is an amino acid that can be dosed as high as 1000mg and has been regularly used in the bodybuilding industry.

To get the true benefit, regular dosage is required and more often than not, fat burners under dose this ingredient.


This is essential for burning fat and providing energy. Caffeine helps by increasing metabolism and burning through extra calories. It’s one of the most well researched and safe fat burning ingredients available. Getting the most from caffeine requires a regular dose through the day.

Green Tea

Another fat burner essential. Green tea can help with the breakdown of long chain fatty acids. This means it can literally help burn away stored fat and use it as energy.

Green tea also has antioxidant properties and can serve as a stimulant too. This is something you need in a fat burner.

Red Pepper

Red pepper works by causing the body to heat up. The reaction to this is an attempt to cool down. By cooling itself the body will be burning through calories and increasing the amount of energy used for the day. This is another good and proven fat burning ingredient.


We’re not fans of Guarana as it is extremely high in caffeine on it’s own. It’s also reported to cause side effects at high doses and interact with other stimulants which can cause uncomfortable side effects. This is a bit of a flawed ingredient to have in a fat burner that already has a big dose of caffeine and green tea. Be cautious.

Optimum Nutrition Opti Fit Dose

You get 2 capsules twice a day with Opti Fit. This 4 capsule total dose is ok, but the total amount of ingredients in each capsule may present an annoying risk.

As Green Tea, Guarana and Caffeine are all stimulants, there’s a very high chance that this product will lead to jitters and energy crashes.

The dose of other key ingredients is fairly safe and you shouldn’t get other side effects from Opti Fit. But it’s worth being cautious with the stimulants.

Opti fit Dose-4-capsules

Will Optimum Nutrition Opti Fit give me side effects?

You shouldn’t get any negative side effects from supplementing Optimum Nutrition’s fat burner.

The only real risk is the stimulant properties. Side effects from this combination of caffeine and guarana in particular have been commonly reported as headaches, nausea, energy crashes and jitters.

We wouldn’t recommend taking the product in it’s full 2 capsule servings if you are prone to these. This will help cut the dose of the ingredients down and may even get you better metabolism boosting effects long term.

Where can you buy Optimum Nutrition Opti Fit?

You can buy Opti Fit from most big supplement retailers and of course bodybuilding.com. 

120 capsules sets you back $40 which is fairly expensive for the limited number of ingredients you are getting.

There are better deals and supplements on the market, with our top 3 fat burners containing a better ingredients profile and serving plan.

Does Optimum Nutrition Opti Fit work?

At raising metabolism? Absolutely. BUT you also risk Opti Fit side effects.

This is a product with one sole purpose, to raise metabolism and help you cut fat. But if you want to do that you are better off looking at a more diversely formulated product.

As a fat burner there are far better options than Opti Fat that will help keep fat off long term too. You can see more bits of information on Optimum Nutrtion’s website. 

Optimum Nutrition Opti Fit Review Conclusion

We wanted to like this product so much more than we do.

It will work at boosting metabolism. But it goes so far with it that it could cause unwanted side effects and leave you feeling a bit crap.

As a fat burner there are far better products out there, with better ingredients that will lead to long term results.

Annoying Opti Fit isn’t one of those! You can see our other Optimum Nutrition fat burner review here. 

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