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Nutrients Direct Hydroxyshred Review

Getting your nutrients direct is essential to getting shredded and losing that unwanted fat. Nutrients Direct Hydroxyshred is a natural fat burner from Nutrients Direct.

This supplements company are reasonably well established with a range of supplements available and most have a pretty low price tag.

But as a fat burner is Hydroxyshred going to work? We’ve covered some serious fat burners that currently sit in our top 3.

Based around effectiveness, value and results let’s see if Nutrients Direct Hydroxyshred is going to be the fat burner for you.

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Nutrients Direct Hydroxyshred Core Ingredients

Fat Burning Ingredients Index

Ingredients wise there is a blend of natural herbs and ingredients alongside some amino acids and other fat burning herbs.

You are going to be a getting a fairly big hit of stimulants in HydroxyShred so make sure you are ready for that.

Metabolism wise this will give you a boost and certainly help enhance the effects of this product, but ultimately there is far more to fat burning than just an enhanced metabolism.

The core ingredients in each serving of Hydroxyshred are quite good, but we are slightly concerned about some potential side effects.


Like coffee, Guarana is an extremely effective stimulant as it has more the 2 times the amount of caffeine you’d find in a typical cup of joe. Where regular coffee beans have 1-2% of caffeine, guarana consitss of 2-4.5% caffeine in a seed. This allows it to be an extremely potent metabolism booster albeit with certain conditions. It should be noted that Guarana’s effects can be overwhelming as it is so adding other stimulants to the mix can only make it worse.

Green Tea

Although green tea’s caffeine content and catechin content is enough to boost metabolism to a good extent, supplementing it with more caffeine can increase the metabolism to a whole new level, sometimes to the point that you can burn an extra 200 calories every day without having to add any new exercises to your workout. Furthermore, 500 milligrams of its extract is good enough for a fat burner. No wonder its so popular out there.


If you want to improve heart health while burning fat, there are few ingredients better than L-Carnitine since it maintains blood vessel health and heart rhythm. As far as fat burning goes, it carries the fat directly to mitochondria (the part of cell where energy is produced) so you burn fat as a source of energy instead of sugar. Its often under-dosed in fat burners to prevent harmful side effects.


Insulin is essential for healthy metabolism since it assists in delivering nutrients to the cells and since chromium is vital for its optimization, it goes without saying that having chromium can indirectly help you in losing weight. Also, since many people lack chromium in their diets it can also take care of the deficiency to improve overall health. Since its scientifically proven to do all of these, you don’t need to be suspicious of it as well!


L-Tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid vital for neuromuscular function as it can affect appetite, mood, stress response and many other factors. Synthesized from phenylalanine, it also produces melanin (skin pigmentation) that is vital for UV protection. Since it’s an amino acid, fat burners only benefit from it when used in higher doses, usually beyond 500 milligrams.


Aside from Guarana , Hydroxyshred has also the stimulant caffeine added from other source which further improves metabolism and boosts the stimulating effects of metabolism boosters like bitter orange. You can get caffeine from a lot of sources like beverages and energy drinks but it’s recommended to only have ~250-300 milligrams of it in a day spread evenly to prevent side effects and ensure maximum benefits.

Nutrients Direct Hydroxyshred Dose

In each serving of Nutrients Direct you are getting a good range of fat burning herbs and other amino acids.

The problem though is that some of these doses are quite high. Whilst they seem to have the doses of amino acids on at a decent level, the stimulants however.

The stimulants are in a very high dose which means this product could potentially cause a wealth of unwanted side effects.

Nutrients Direct Hydroxyshred Side Effects

Side effects from high levels of stimulants includes headaches, sickness and nausea.

You need to be absolutely sure that the blend you choose doesn’t contain anything that will give you side effects.

This is why a product with proven scientifically is absolutely essential. All the supplements in our top 3 are rated based on this.

Nutrients Direct Hydroxyshred Review Conclusion

This is an ok product from an excellent company.

Ingredients like Guarana could prove a little risk and potentially cause unwanted side effects.

But generally as a suppplement Hydroxyshred will be an effective one.

It doesn’t quite make the grade of our top 3 however, due to some of the issues with amounts of ingredients and the high risk of stimulants causing problems.

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