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Nutrakey Antler Test Review

You have probably been working out for a year or two already. You have a good diet, spend hour after hour inside of the gym- but still, you haven’t been able to attain the body of your dreams.

There are numerous products that can boost your efficiency and push you an extra step, however, many of them don’t work as promised. For these reasons, you need to take care and have a more detailed look into the supplements. Many of them hide their dosage with proprietary blends. You need a non-proprietary blend supplement.

Today, we will cover a supplement that has proprietary blends – Antler Test. This is a testosterone booster and it is manufactured by the Nutrakey company. With this product, they are promising you to expect improved sexual performance, more energy in the gym, more endurance, improved health and most importantly, significantly higher testosterone levels.

Does the NutraKey Antler actually work? Well..

The ingredients are hinting at a potential yes, but the fact that we can’t see the exact dosage of all ingredients makes us unsure. 

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Ingredients of Nutrakey Antler Test

The NutraKey Antler Test has 6 key ingredients, a majority of which are inside of a proprietary blend. That means, that we cannot be certain as to the effectiveness of said ingredients.

Nutrakey Antler Test Ingredients

Tribulus Terrestris

We are still not sure why many companies use this ingredient. There aren’t enough studies to prove that this nutrient actually boosts your testosterone level. At most, you should expect increased libido and more fat loss. Not bad, but there are significantly better choices.

Maca Root

Improves your sexual performance, and gives you more energy while you are working out. Correspondingly, your sexual partner will be probably very satisfied. However, don’t expect that the Maca Root to increase your testosterone.

Epimedieum Sagittattum

Another ingredient that isn’t connected to testosterone. However, we are sure that it will improve your stamina and strength, and improve your sexual performance.


It is a strong ingredient that will help with fat loss and help with any erection problems. Once again, an ingredient that will just improve your sex life and it has no connection to testosterone.

Deer Velvet Antler

It is extracted from a deer antler and it should help you with by refining your immune system, muscle recovery, and high blood pressure.

D-Aspartic Acid

This is an amino acid that should increase your testosterone levels and improve your fertility and sperm production. The only real testosterone booster ingredient in here. 

Where to buy Nutrakey Antler Test and how to use

You can find this product on the official website of the Nutrakey Company. It comes at a pretty fair price, selling at around 35.99 US Dollars and with one bottle you will get 120 Capsules. Not bad, not that expensive but also, not that cheap. However, there are a lot more expensive supplements out there that can fail you in numerous ways.

The best way to take the capsules are with a lot of water. Try to take only two per day, and we recommend to consume them in the morning, in order to let them work the whole day.

Negative Characteristics and Side Effects of Nutrakey Antler Test

There has to be something to change your mind. Almost every supplement comes with a side effect or any kind of a negativity.

This one is making us quite unsure because there isn’t enough information about the company that created this supplement. Also, they have labeled a proprietary blend and you can’t see the details of the ingredients. As for the ingredients, we believe that they missed out on several, such as Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamins B6, B12. Another small issue is that you can only buy this product on the official website of Nutrakey.

As for the side effects, there aren’t any reported so far. It depends on how your body will react. You should also be careful if you have allergy problems and maybe it is for your best to contact your doctor and ask him to check out the supplement and its ingredients.

Nutrakey Antler Test Review Results and Conclusion

We believe that this product is not a scam and that it will probably help you. However, it is a risk because most of the ingredients will improve your sexual drive and help you with your sex life. There aren’t many nutrients that work directly with your testosterone which should result in increased energy, focus and muscle growth.

All in all, it depends on what you want and what your issues are. If you think that you need to spice up your sex life, then this supplement will probably be a huge assistance for you.

However, if you need a boost with your training, we advise you to take a look at another testosterone booster, because the NutraKey Antler Test is a horrible testosterone booster supplement. There are definitely better ones out there.

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