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Ntel Nutrition Valkyrie Burn Review

Dubbed America’s ‘Super Brand’, Ntel nutrition are one of the smaller but more affordable supplement companies on the market currently. Their fat burner is Valkyrie Burn. If you’re looking to cut away unwanted fat and shred down in record time then a fat burner can provide a huge level of support. Our Ntel Nutrition Valkyrie Burn Review will look how well this supplement will work for you.

Not only does Valkyrie burn, a female orientated fat burner, offer you the ability to ‘Tone’, but it also says it can beautify. So if you’re ugly, like us, then this product could magic you to be more attractive?

We doubt it.

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But the whilst the branding and look of the product are good, what really matters is what goes in to each one of it’s 60 capsules. These ingredients are going to be the ones that have their affect on you.

Ntel Nutrition Valkyrie Burn Core Ingredients

The ingredients in each capsule of Ntel Nutrition Valkyrie Burn are pretty solid. This female fat burner offers up a good selection of natural ingredients as well as minerals and some amino acids.

Effects wise you should get a reasonable increase in metabolism as well as provide a good and clean source of energy.

It’s helpful that you can see the dose of each individual ingredient that goes into Ntel Nutrition Valkyrie Burn. So you know exactly what you are taking.

Let’s break the key ingredients down.

Valkyrie Burn Ingredients


L-Carnitine helps with breakdown of food and fat into energy. It’s an amino acid generally found in meat and when supplemented at high amounts can aid with fat loss. Generally for this to work though you need to be looking at around 700mg.


CLA is a slight stimulant that will also have an impact on insulin levels. Generally you can get plenty of CLA in your diet from coffee among st other things. It’s fairly under researched, but may have some benefit.


Well researched and widely used, caffeine is an essential fat burning ingredient. At the right dose caffeine will help increase energy, boost metabolism and also aid with focus.

Green Tea

Green tea works by helping to break down fatty acid in the liver. This means that it’s a guaranteed fat burner. However for best results you need around 500mg through the day.


A risky stimulant that came into production after a similar chemical called DMAA was banned. We don’t recommend supplementation of this for extended periods. Be careful.


Has some fat burning compounds but is generally lacking the research of caffeine, green coffee, green tea and other fat burning ingredients. Yohimbine may also provide a level of stimulant effects.

Ntel Nutrition Valkyrie Burn Dose

2 capsules goes into each serving. Which gets you a reasonable amount of some good fat burning ingredients. Although these serving sizes could be a little higher to completely maximise results.

Generally, if you split the servings you are going to get longer with an increased metabolism and burn. Which will help melt away more fat.

The main issue with the dose though, is that one of the most proven and effective fat burning ingredients, Green Tea, is hugely under dosed in this fat burner.

Ntel Nutrition Valkyrie Burn Side Effects

You shouldn’t experience any adverse side effects from Ntel Nutrition Valkyrie, as all ingredients are natural and the dose is fairly low.

The only risks you run are from the stimulants that go into this product. But you’d need to be fairly susceptible to the effects of stimulants for these to make you feel bad.

Where to Buy Ntel Nutrition Valkyrie Burn

You can order Ntel Nutrition Valkyrie Burn from their website here. It’s also available from lots of major retailers.

It’s not too expensive. However you can get almost double the capsules of other premium fat burners for a little more.

Because the dose of this fat burner isn’t the most powerful either, we’d recommend checking out the blends of other products. Like our top 3 fat burners.

Ntel Nutrition Valkyrie Burn Review Conclusion

This product looks sexy. There’s no denying it. But, as a female fat burner there are better options available to you.

Our top 3 fat burners have better developed blends that contain more heavily researched and tested ingredients. All at the proven doses.

This means that if you are looking to burn through fat, then these supplements will work quicker than most others on the market.

However if you are looking for a weaker fat burner to supplement for longer, then Valkyrie could be the fat burner for you.

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