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Neon Sports Thermo-Rev Fat Burner Review

Any fitness’ expert can lie to you and say that losing fat is easy, but it’s not. Losing fat demands a huge amount of dedication and discipline. Amongst the steps you have to take in order to burn fat you just need 3 things:

Consequently, with dedication and constancy, you will be losing fat and achieving your goals in no time. However, if you want to magnify your results, you must know what the best supplements are.

We are going to discuss about the ingredients inside the Thermo-Rev and stack out with those found in our #1 supplement: Instant Knockout. Thermo-Rev has exotic ingredients like Gotu Kola, Advantra Z, Yohimbe, etc. Those ingredients are effective, but they are safe? Let’s see after a brief review about them.

Ingredients: neon-rev-formula

Gotu Kola: It’s also known as Centella Asiatica, and its properties have been recognized for centuries in the Traditional Chinese medicine. It has been proved that enhances cognitive properties, anti-inflammatory, brings cardiovascular benefits and increase the rate in the skin regeneration. Gotu Kola is pretty safe to use, excepting for people who suffer from Liver disease and it’s recommendable to suspend its use in case of surgery.

Advantra Z: Better known as Citrus aurantium, contains synephrine, there are a lot studies about it, but there’s nothing certain about its effects. Numerous studies concluded that the use of synephrine can help some participants to increase his metabolic rate, energy expenditure, and a slight weight loss. This ingredient is not recommended at all because there are so many side effects and there’s a few studies that prove whether it’s safe or not.

Yohimbe: This ingredient has been proved to help when it comes to lose fat during short-term fasting. It can aid erectile dysfunction and a general stimulant. Its effects are basically, increase the adrenaline levels in the body and inhibit regulatory process in fat cells. Nonetheless, there’s not enough evidence to prove the facts mentioned above are true. It can be pretty dangerous for people who suffer from anxiety and Yohimbe can trigger manic psychosis or suicidal episodes and many other mental.

The rest of ingredients are relatively safe to use with a normal dose. However, it contains too many dangerous ingredients that Instant Knockout doesn’t have, like Yohimbe. In fact, Instant Knockout is one of the safest supplements to burn fat.

neon-rev-fat-burnerHow should I take this product?

It’s recommended at first to take 1 capsule in the morning with an empty stomach and 1 capsule more 5-6 hours later in mid-afternoon to gain tolerance.

If your body tolerates it, you can increase the dose to an additional capsule in the morning for a total of 3 capsules per day.


Price And Where Can I Buy It?

You can buy it in plenty of online stores. It’s a famous product that you won’t have a problem to find it. Its cost is about £20, is a relatively cheap product but not something that we’d recommend, as there are the risky ingredients we covered above.

2018 Neon Sports Thermo-Rev Review Update

Although the Neon Sports Thermo-Rev had been all the rage back in the day, it’s really not much of fat burner. A lot of people seemed to enjoy using it and had seen benefits- based on the glowing reviews.

However, the supplement itself posed too much of a risk for us to be able to recommend it to any of our readers. The ingredients it used are dangerous, and there is too much risk involved.

If you’re still looking for a fat burner product that will help you cut down your figure, then I suggest having a look at our 2018 Top 3 Fat Burner Review. You’ll find everything you need there.

Verdict: Should I Buy It?

User’s review are excellent, and the product looks like it works, but it has too many probable downsides and side-effects, for that reason we don’t recommend this product because it can be dangerous.

You must look for a safer product which will bring the safe, but guaranteed results like our #1 fat burner Instant Knockout.



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