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Neat Nutrition Lean Boost Review

Burning fat can be pretty NEAT (for any physique nerds, that’s an acronym for non exercise thermogenesis). But will Neat Nutrition’s fat burner, Lean Boost offer fat burning benefits?

Getting you cut down and feeling sexy and shredded might seem tough, even if it’s a tiny bit of stubborn body fat…but with a fat burner it can be a whole lot easier.

Generally you want to be looking for a completely natural product.

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Fat burners are an excellent way of giving your body the edge to burn away stored fat as fuel.

Neat Nutrition Lean Boost looks promising. With a natural blend of ingredients from a fairly trustworthy company. But will it work for you?

Let’s put Lean Boost through it’s paces in this review…

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What Ingredients are in Neat Nutrition Lean Boost?

In the Lean Boost blend there is a number of natural ingredients. But surprisingly only a small amount will actually offer much support when it comes to burning fat.

There is a good amount of amino acid l-carnitine which is rare for a fat burner. Normally they under dose amino acids due to the amount your body requires.

Stimulant wise, there is no caffeine, just caffeine from natural sources. So don’t expect an intense experience from Neat Nutrition’s fat burner.

Neat Nutrtion Lean Boost Ingredients

Acai Berry

Generally there is limited support in Acai Berry as a fat burning ingredient on it’s own. It’s often touted as a miricle weight loss fruit, but in reality it’s just another fruit that has some good antioxidant properties.

We wouldn’t hold our breath with Acai berry working for you as a fat burner, but you may still feel slightly healthier from supplementation.


This amino acid carries fat directly to the mitochondria where energy is produced. So essentially it can really help your body to break down stored fat to be used as energy.

There are also some benefits to supplementation from an athletic perspective too, with L-Carnitine helping improve performance. Generally you do need 500mg+ to really make this ingredient work.


Normally in spicy peppers, capsicum is essential what makes things spicy and hot. Your body will speed up it’s metabolism trying to cool itself down, burning away calories.

Known for the warming effect you can get good results even from 100mg.

CLA Powder

Helps with weight loss by increasing insulin resistance and is generally found in meats and dairy products. This has been used as a weight loss product for some time.

Good alternatives are green coffee, which also can provide some stimulant benefits.


A strong and potent stimulant, this has nearly the double the amount of caffeine as coffee beans.

But it does carry the risk of some side effects if taken too late and can cause anxiety. Generally the dose in Neat Nutrition Lean boost is pretty safe though.

Neat Nutrition Lean Boost Dose

3 capsules per day is the serving size of Neat Nutrition Lean Boost.

This dose gets you just enough of key ingredient and amino acid L-Carnitine  but is a little lacking with other ingredients.

The ones that will work, Green Tea and Capsicum for example, need a far bigger dose and potentially bigger serving to get you serious results.

Neat Nutrition are so close to having a solid and proven fat burner with Lean Boost, but it just falls short of market leaders and our top 3. 


Will Neat Nutrition Lean Boost give me side effects?

Guarana is the ingredient you should be most cautious of side effects in Neat Nutrition Lean Boost.

Due to it’s stimulant properties it can sometimes interact with other ingredients and cause anxiety or nausea.

Generally though, because this fat burner is all natural, you should see limited Neat Nutrition Lean Boost side effects.

The normal effects may be slightly limited too however.

Where can you buy Neat Nutrition Lean Boost?

You can pick up your own bottle of Neat Nutrition’s Lean Boost for ┬ú22.00 from Neat Nutrition’s website.

The website is great looking and they seem to have an accessible customer service department which is a plus.

We can’t seem to see any multi box deals on this product though and while it’s cheaper, there are better premium products in our top 3.┬á

Does Neat Nutrition Lean Boost work?

Not as well as it should. While there are some beneficial ingredients in Neat Nutrition Lean Boost that mean it could work, they are under dosed and mean it won’t work as effectively as our top 3 fat burners.

The product looks great, and it’s good to have an natural fat burner. But making a fat burner work at increasing metabolism, fullness and calorie burn is hard.

With some tweaks Neat Nutrition could make Lean Boost a fat burner guaranteed to work, but until then it’s a little limited.

Neat Nutrition Lean Boost Review Conclusion

We love the way this product looks and it’s got some excellent natural ingredients in it.

But it’s ultimately let down by low doses and some ingredients which aren’t as advanced or well researched as others when it comes to fat burning.

Even some caffeine anhydrous would lift this product, along with Green Coffee and Glucomannan.

Over all though, this is a fairly safe product and one that could get you slightly closer to your dream physique. But there are better products out there.

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