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NDS Censor Fat Burner Review

NDS Censor is a staple fat burner of GNC. It is a product that promotes healthy dieting using a blend of CLA and Omega 3.

This isn’t exactly a fat burner and more a product that can offer dietary support. The ingredients in each one of it’s 90 softgels are well researched and will be effective but will also require a little more than what’s on offer to truly see you’re body turn into the fat incinerating powerhouse it could be.

The product looks good, but again is limited and pretty expensive given what you are getting.

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Let’s see if NDS Censor is worth your money and if it’s claims to support fat loss are grounded in anything.

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NDS Censor Ingredients

NDS Censor uses a blend of fish oils and CLA to help promote some fat loss.

These two ingredients are heavily used and widely available within the bodybuilding and fitness industry. Which means they do have some benefits.

But can they seriously help your body burn away unwanted fat?

First problem we have with NDS Censor is that it uses a proprietary blend of these ingredients, so whilst CLA has some merit, you can’t actually see how much CLA is in each capsule. Very frustrating.

Let’s see what the research is saying about these ingredients and their ability to burn fat.

NDS Censor Ingredients


Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a naturally occurring Omega 6 fatty acid that is an essential part of your diet. It has to be consumed through diet.

CLA can help reduce the number of calories you consume and also can stimulate the breakdown of fat. It’s worth noting however, that you need to supplement for an extended period for it to do this and so it won’t have as quick, or as potent effects as other fat burners.

Omega Oil Blend

Can help with joint health and cholesterol levels. It’s very cheap to get hold of essential omega oils. Thier fat burning effects aren’t direct but you can get reasonable results from supplementation.

NDS Censor Side Effects

One good thing about the use of the oils and CLA in NDS Censor is that it won’t have any negative side effects.

The effects on your weight may also be limited, unless you are following a strict diet and exercise program. But generally, other than potentially mild stomach upsets from the acidity, you should be absolutely fine.

NDS Censor Dose

You take 2 capsules at once up to three times a day with NDS Censor. This is a bit of a one size fits all approach to dosing. 6 capsules in a day could leave you with mild nausea. It will almost certainly waste some of the capsules too as your body can only process so much of these ingredients at a certain point.

A real fat burner that has a blend of proven ingredients would ensure an even dose of ingredients that can both suppress appetite and increase metabolism. Two essential things you need to do to guarantee weight loss.

Where to Buy NDS Censor

You can buy NDS Censor for $47.49 from GNC online.

As we’ve mentioned for this cost you can get a professional fat burner that uses a far wider range of ingredients and will lead to far better results than this product.

It is good to support your diet with omega oils. But these can be bought for far cheaper and then combined with a pro fat burner you’ll be on your way to that toned and sexy physique in no time at all.

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NDS Censor Review Conclusion

This is a reasonable omega 3 supplement with a bit of CLA stuck into it’s proprietary blend.

In short this is a supplement that’s probably worth about $10, not close to $50.

As a fat burner review site we think the best option for you to cut down on fat and get rid of that unwanted weight would be to check our top 3 fat burners. These products have highly effective blends and will see you getting shredded in 30 days or less.

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