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Myokem Pyroxam Review

MyoKem are a great looking supplement company who sell in loads of major supplement retailers. They have two fat burners, Pyroxam and Thyrovate. In our Myokem Pyroxam Review we will take apart the contents of each capsule and figure out the potential effects of this fat burner.

Pyroxamine contains a diverse range of fat burning ingredients, and uses lower doses of more herbs and nutrients that more targeted fat burners .

You should experience some increase in your metabolic rate when supplementing Pyroxamine. But generally, this could be the only effect.

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Lot’s of the ingredients that Myokem have put in the blend are under studied and largely ineffective. Which is slightly frustrating given how good this product looks!

Myokem Pyroxam Core Ingredients

The ingredients present in Pyroxam are all natural and it’s good to see that MyoKem have avoided using a proprietary blend too. Ensuring you can see exactly what you are taking of each ingredient.

The main ingredients in Pyroxam are actually two ingredients which haven’t been that heavily researched. However some of the ingredients that make up smaller amounts are likely to be effective.

There’s a limited amount of stimulants in this blend, which will be good to help you avoid side effects. You also get a good 4 capsule serving size. But again, the effects may be limited.

Myokem Pyroxam Ingredients

Olive Leaf

The only study that was successful in proving olive leaf for fat loss was completed on rats. It’s not a bad health ingredient though, as it does have a number of bioactive compounds. But frustratingly more research is needed.


Caffeine is an essential fat burning ingredient. It boosts up metabolism and provides a good amount of energy which can be hugely helpful when dieting. Caffeine can also help suppress appetite.


L-Theanine is present in all tea leaves. It helps add a calming effect to the caffeine present in tea and is amino acid that affects brain function. It’s only really needed with high levels of stimulants, which Pyroxam doesn’t really have.t


One up from L-Theanine, theacrine is a semi stimulant that also provides a fairly level and calm stimulant effect.


This is a diuretic that’s present in cocoa. It basically acts as a semi stimulant and slows the absorption of water. Whilst not very potent, it has also been researched for it’s appetite reducing capabilities.

Myokem Pyroxam Dose

You get 4 capsules per day over a 120 day period with Pyroxam.

This is a good dose to keep your appetite suppressed and the caffeine working to keep your energy levels up.

One issue though is the amount of ingredients you are getting in each capsule. Myokem just haven’t done enough to ensure you are getting the absolute best fat burning effects. And some ingredients in each capsule won’t have much of an effect at all.

Myokem Pyroxam Side Effects

Due to the fact MyoKem is filled with naturally occuring herbs and other ingredients, it’s unlikely that you will experience any negative side effects.

The only real issue would come from any potential allergies or to the stimulant effects of the caffeine in this supplement. Whilst it’s great news you’ll be avoiding side effects, you need to remember you won’t be getting any major fat burning effects either.

Where to buy Myokem Pyroxam

You can buy Myokem Pyroxam directly from their website.┬áIt’ll cost you around $49.99 when it’s finally available.

This is a reasonable price given the high number of ingredients and dose. But is fairly expensive when it comes to delivering some positive fat burning effects.

Myokem Pyroxam Review Conclusion

This is a great looking product. But as you know, looks aren’t everything. The blend in each one of the 120 capsules of MyKem Pyroxam is lacking quite heavily.

This is a little frustrating as this product does have some good potential. It just needs a higher dose of proven fat burning ingredients like caffeine, theobromine and l-theanine.

There are better fat burners out there that will far exceed the effects of Pyroxam. Which is a bit frustrating.


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