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Muscletech Pre Workout Explosion Review

MucleTech Pre Workout Explosion is a pre-workout supplement that goes for a pretty cheap price, however, is it really worth the investment? The Muscletech Pre Workout Explosion effectiveness will be put into the test as we analyze its ingredients.

The pre-workout supplement comes from a reputable brand, Muscletech, which has been known to produce fairly good products. Of course, whether or not their Pre-Workout Explosion will match up to their brand is something that is still to be determined.


The Pre-Workout supplement contains a total of 8 core ingredients, that part is not so strange. However, a majority of the ingredients used are contained in something called a ‘proprietary blend.’

If you are unfamiliar with proprietary blends, they’re a touch notorious- in that they are known as a problematic strategic move used by many pre-workout supplements companies.

When ingredients are under a proprietary blend they are counted as only 1 whole ingredient. Thus, we won’t have any access as to how much of the ingredients are actually in the said blend- making our analysis quite open-ended, and liable to interpretation.

MuscleTech Pre Workout Explosion


Let’s start with the ingredients that are expressly exposed on the label. First one on our list is Beta-Alanine (CarnoSyn©), this is a molecule that is well-known for its ability to enhance one’s level of ‘pump-power.’ Supplementing with this has been known to effectively prolong the length of your workouts- by increasing your level of endurance.

There are other ingredients that are known to promote these same effects, and that would have definitely been more preferable. If only because a lot of people are uncomfortable with the ‘tingly’ sensation that comes with consuming large amounts of Beta-Alanine. It’s a form of paresthesia that is not harmful, but nevertheless, is very strange.


Betaine has been thought to help promote the way that Protein is synthesized in the body, which would logically result in a boost in a person’s ability to gain muscle. However, studies including Betaine have not been very positive in that regard.

Not only that, but Betaine has been said to promote a side-effect- promoting a fishy smell that people would definitely prefer to avoid.

Arginine AKG

Arginine AKG is a MuscleTech Pre Workout Explosion ingredient that is known to improve the rate in which you are meant to gain muscle. However, there are no signs of this actually being the case- as far as scientific research has shown.

Explosive Energy Blend

Now let’s talk about the ingredients that are in the proprietary blend. As mentioned previously, the proprietary blend contains the majority of the core ingredients involved in the making of MuscleTech Pre Workout Explosion.

There are a total of five ingredients in this mix. Remember that the dosages of these ingredients are hidden under the veil of being 1 whole ingredient.

Taurine: Most commonly known for its benefits involving the cramping of muscles after a particularly grueling workout. It has also been said to help increase energy which would warrant its appearance in the MuscleTech Pre Workout Explosion Energy Mix. However, much like the previous ingredients- there are no studies out that are able to prove this fact.

Pumpkin Extract: Yet another unsuccessful ingredient- in regards to how much effectiveness it has been able to show in scientific studies.

Caffeine: A good decision on their part, Caffeine can be found in most pre-workout supplements, and for good reason. It’s an effective stimulant.

L-Tyrosine: An ingredient known for its effects on cognitive focus.

Rhodiola Rosea: A key ingredient- this has been shown to effectively reduce fatigue, which is very important for long workouts in the gym. The fact that it’s under a proprietary blend is disappointing- if only because we cannot be sure if there are actually enough of it in the formula to be effective.

Where to buy Pre-Workout Explosion?

The MuscleTech Pre Workout Explosion supplement can be found sold online for around 31.99 US Dollars, which is a very reasonable price- considering that there are 40 servings per container.

Does it Work?

There are one or two ingredient in the formula that were promising. However, a majority of the ingredients cannot be backed by scientific proof- making their existence in the formula quite negligent.

MuscleTech Pre Workout Explosion Review Conclusion

Although cheap, we cannot confidently say that the product is any better than other supplements that are out in the market. The proprietary blend was an immediate red-flag, but even without it, there are a lot of ingredients involved that we cannot confidently say will actually be able to help improve the rate in which you gain muscle.

If you’re looking for a pre-workout supplement that doesn’t have proprietary blends and uses only ingredients that work, you can check out our review of the best pre-workout supplement.

MuscleTech Pre Workout Explosion

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