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MuscleTech Hyrdroxycut SX-7 Revolution Review

Another week another thermogenic fat burner from MuscleTech. This time they have a dual delivery capsule with their product Hydroxycut SX-7 Revoloution.

But is this fat burner going to reveal your shredded physique?

Supplements have been evolving quickly, and with good reason. New research means you can get the body of your dreams quicker than ever. But, on the flip side, it also means plenty of companies are trying to take your money.

Hydroxycut SX-7 Revolution is a fat burner that has early promise and looks amazing.

But once again we think this product is using gimmicks rather than simplicity, which is often what really works with fat burner supplements.

The blend of ingredients promotes a level of focus, as well as thermogenic effects in it’s side by side pill.

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What Ingredients are in MuscleTech Hyrdroxycut SX-7 Revolution

MuscleTech are selling Hydroxycut SX-7 Revolution as a fat burner/nootropic almost. Ingredients like Lions Mane are more commonly found in brain enhancers than fat burners.

The problem with this model, is you are diluting what should be a full thermogenic fat burner down slightly.

Remember, because of the caffeine content in this product you are likely getting enough stimulants to aid with focus anyway.

The major ingredient of MuscleTech Hydroxycut SX-7 Revolution is CLA. CLA has been used for years and widely tested. But it only works at the right dose.

With so many other ingredients in this fat burner, is it going to be enough?


Normally found in meat and dairy, CLA helps with weight loss by altering your insulin resistance. This has been a well used ingredients by bodybuilders and can be effective with the right kind of diet and training program.


Boosts metabolism, increases energy and improves focus. Caffeine works well in fat burners and is heavily researched and safe at good doses. This is a must have ingredient for a fat burner supplement.

Lions Mane

Can have an impact on focus and help with the bodies central nervous system. This ingredient comes from a mushroom. It’s also thought it can help with digestive health too. Giving it a slight edge as a fat burning ingredient.

Huperzine A and Choline

Choline and Huperzine help with nerve impulses through the body. This is part of the b vitamin family and can also help with brain function and improve metabolism in areas too.

C. Canephora Robusta

A type of coffee from Africa. These beans are unroasted and so contain a high amount of chlorgenic acid. This makes them a natural ingredient to help promote weight loss. They do need to be dosed fairly exactly to get you the best results though.

MuscleTech Hyrdroxycut SX-7 Revolution Dose

120 capsules through a month is a good powerful amount.

But this requires the right amount of ingredients.

Not only does the dose of ingredients MuscleTech Hyrdroxycut SX-7 Revolution matter, but the ingredients themselves aren’t the best at what they do.

Generally for a fat burner to work you need an even dose of proven ingredients. With a good serving size.

MuscleTech Hyrdroxycut SX-7 Revolution offers a good serving size, but lacks in it’s ingredients. Sure the dual release capsule is interesting, but is it going to be effective if the ingredients don’t work?

Will MuscleTech Hyrdroxycut SX-7 Revolution give me side effects?

Hyrdroxycut SX-7 Revolution shouldn’t give you any unwanted side effects.

To it’s merit the ingredients are fairly standard and completely safe.

The dosing is fairly good too, giving you the option to evenly dose caffeine through the day to ensure you are free from energy crashes.

The other plus of using nootropic style ingredients can take the edge off the stimulants in a supplement like this.

Where can you buy MuscleTech Hyrdroxycut SX-7 Revolution?

You can buy MuscleTech Hyrdroxycut SX-7 Revolution direct from MuscleTech here. 

It’s an expensive product, that is more about it’s fancy delivery method than scientifically backed ingredients.

MuscleTech have given this thermogenic a bit of a brain boosting edge, which whilst exciting, may not help you shred as well as one of the more regular fat burners in our top 3.

Does MuscleTech Hyrdroxycut SX-7 Revolution work?

MuscleTech have put some ingredients in this product that will do a great job and really act as a thermogenic.

Other elements though, won’t really do much. The dual capsule delivery system (or whatever it is) isn’t really needed. But does make for some fancy packaging.

Bottom line? This is a very average fat burner, with some unnecessary elements included.

MuscleTech Hyrdroxycut SX-7 Revolution Review Conclusion

We like the way this product looks and we can get behind the idea of ensuring a strong level of focus whilst acting a thermogenic.

But the ingredients list is just a little bit lacking and confused with MuscleTech Hyrdroxycut SX-7 Revolution.

Sure it’s got the exciting capsule, but if you want real fat burning results you need to be looking for a tried and tested set of fat burning ingredients.

You also need to ensure a minimum of 3 capsules per day.

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