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MusclePharm Shred Sport Fat Burner Review

[Update] I’ve been using Shred Sport for 1 and a half months now, as an alternative to the number #1 that helped me cut down before. Here’s my main notes:

  • Energy is good, but I keep crashing mid afternoon.
  • I’m not feeling much appetite suppression, but do when I take 2 capsules close together (Top tip)
  • My workouts are better though, but again I crash after. (Currently doing high rep)
  • I don’t feel much in terms of my metabolism being increased like I did with Instant Knockout
  • It took a month to properly take effect, not the week I had with Instant Knockout.

It’s frustrating that this product has taken so long to give me any proper results. But ultimately I’m struggling to justify the money I’ve spent on it so far. I’m coming up to the end of my second bottle, so will update after that.

It’s crucial that you take note of the below when choosing a fat burner. If you want to cut away fat properly, and avoid dud supplements or bad side effects read below.

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Shopping for a fat burner – A good┬áfat burner should:

  • Use only Natural Ingredients
  • Clearly State Doses of All Ingredients
  • Use Only Scientifically Backed Ingredients
  • Get you shredded in record time!

Company Website  www.musclepharm.com
Your Score (Average)  3.89
Appetite Suppression   4/5
Thermogenic 3/5
Energy Release  2/5
Shipping  United States
Guarantee  None
Price  $30.00
Side Effects Jitters, headaches
Overall Score  3/5


With a range of well tested ingredients this has potential to be one very effective fat burner. As we’ve mentioned the product nearly nails everything you want a fat burner to do. Energy, appetite control and of course, the targeting of stored body fat.

Remember though, that the more ingredients in a product, the less effective those ingredients are going to be. Our number #1 fat burner works so well because each ingredient is backed by several studies and is precisely dosed, ensuring an optimized metabolism, steady flow of energy and a feeling of fullness.

MusclePharm seem to have packed this with loads of ingredients, at what will only be less effective doses. It looks impressive, but ultimately you are taking less of what will work.

The key ingredients in here are:

Theacrine (100mg)

The primary ingredient of this product is marketed as Theacrine. This is an ingredient not dissimilar to caffeine and one that yields similar results. Studies, done on a fairly subjective status have found that there are some good effects, improved alertness, increased energy etc etc to Thecrine.

However this isn’t entirely conclusive as the study was done on a supplement that had a propriety blend, so there was no way to gauge the amount of this ingredient that was actually ingested by those on the trial.

CAPSIMAX (125mg)

Capsimax is the ingredient here that will increase metabolism and help burn away fat stores by raising your body temperature.

This ingredient has been thoroughly researched and is not dissimilar to cayenne pepper in some other fat burners. Capsimax however differs on it’s delivery.

Rather than an immediate release, which arguably is better for the fat burning process, it takes a softer approach on the body and has a special controlled release outer coating.

3-amino-acidChromium (200mcg)

A great ingredient with good fat burning qualities. This helps regulate the bodies insulin levels and can help control appetite and may help with mood elevation in some. It will regulate cravings by stimulating the synthesis of proteins and also help with the release of HG in the body, ideal for anyone looking to burn away excess fat.

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (750mg)

This is an ingredient commonly used in fat burners. While this ingredient has been proven to improve insulin sensitivity and blood vessel health, there are few studies to show that it will directly influence this when put into practice.

Another reason companies use this ingredient is that it can supposedly be a stimulant, again though, it is far less reported for this than caffeine is. The fat burning effect this ingredient has become known for is a result of a study that showed these effects were limited to the elderly. The 750mg dose is about right to get the effects however.

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3 capsules per day. Is this enough? We’d say so, with the blend of ingredients you are getting you wouldn’t want to risk any negative side effects so this is the safe option.

However, from experience we think that when buying a product the optimal amount of capsules you should be taking per day is 4.

This allows you one every two hours until comes a point when you have a gap before bed. 

Want the best results? For a little more you could be upping the crucial dose to 4 capsules, from a specialist product and fully maximizing your results.

Where Can I Buy MusclePharm Shred Sport?

MusclePharm Shred Sport will be available from the MusclePharm website, amazon.com and of course bodybuilding.com.

This is a good looking product and is fairly affordable, but some of the ingredients are lacking and the proprietary blend is a big problem

With a few propriety blends in there you’d be much better off spending money on another premium product, with full ingredients that are visible. ┬áWe’d recommend checking out our top 3 fat burners before investing in this. MusclePharm are a great company, but proprietary blends are BAD.

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MusclePharm Shred Sport Fat Burner Review Conclusion

If you are serious about cutting down, you don’t want a proprietary blend of 1000 ingredients. This scattered approach will get you nowhere and is what Shred Sport does.

It’s crucial you choose a fat burner that has clinically dosed amounts of proven ingredients. Not low doses of lots of ingredients.

We don’t doubt that this will have some good fat burning properties, but there are some better fat burners out there! Check out our top 3 if you want some serious fat burning results.

MusclePharm Shred Sport Fat Burner Review


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