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Muscle Geek Roxidex Review

Can the Muscle Geek work his magic to make you a slim, sexy and shredded geek? (Or just normal person?). Well, our Muscle Geek Roxidex Fat Burner Review is going to take a look.

This Muscle Geek supplement is technically an Adipose supplement, a term which is basically similar to fat burner. But once you look past the clever marketing what’s left?

Well, Muscle Geek Roxidex is a fat burner that has one proprietary blend in it’s ingredients. This isn’t ideal, and you can read why below.

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Ingredients in this product are fairly stimulant focused and it doesn’t contain a whole lot of natural ingredients either. Which is another issue with Muscle Geeks fat burner.

Let’s take a closer look at what goes into each bottle of Muscle Geek Roxidex.

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Muscle Geek Roxidex Ingredients

Muscle Geek have opted to hide the individual doses of ingredients that go into their fat burner supplement.

Roxidex uses a blend of 9 ingredients. With 3 of these known and fairly strong stimulants. Sadly, these can cause unwanted side effects, especially when taken at the wrong dose.

The blend is 606mg in total, which isn’t massive. But is more than enough to make things uncomfortable.

There’s a bit of a lacking amount of natural ingredients that go into Muscle Geek Roxidex too. Which is a bit frustrating.

Muscle Geek Roxidex Ingredients


Caffeine is a well used, well researched and essential fat burning ingredient. It allows for increases in metabolism, energy and can suppress appetite. It’s a good addition to have this in Roxidex however it could interfere with the other stimulants. It’s also difficult to tell what dose of caffeine is in the fat burner due to the proprietary blend.


This is another stimulant, that is being toted as a replacement for banned substance DMEA. This is under researched and could cause harmful side effects especially at the wrong dose and combined with caffeine. Results wise it’s supposed to jack up metabolism and energy levels.

Bitter Orange Extract

Known as Synephrine also, this is similar to banned substance ephedrene and can cause unwanted side effects. It’s known to slightly boost metabolism, but it generally plays badly with caffeine too. Making this a risky ingredient.


This ingredient could be the saving grace of Muscle Geeks Roxidex. Theanine is present in Green Tea and has a calming property.  This will help counter the effects of the stimulants and improve levels of focus. It needs to be dosed in a high amount though.


This is a naturally occuring alkaloid that serves a nootropic as it’s has been seen to improve cognition. Whilst it’s a little under researched, Hordenine may provide some metabolic increases also.


Chromium can help regulate insulin levels and as such effect the amounts of fat stored by your body. This is a solid and well researched ingredient that is also naturally occurring. Essential to have in a fat burner.

Muscle Geek Roxidex Dose

Dose wise you can take up to 3 capsules per day to get the effects of this fat burner. This is 606mg x 3 capsules.

A 3 capsule serving isn’t too bad, with this dose spread through the day you will at least keep your metabolism boosted and energy levels high.

The problem though, is that with each capsule you also run the risk of unwanted side effects increasing.

If you are buying Muscle Geek Roxidex, we’d recommend checking your tolerance with a single capsule before jumping right in to 3 capsules.

Where to buy Muscle Geek Roxidex?

Generally this supplement only seems to be available in the UK and Europe. The best price we found was from UK company factory supplements who were selling Roxidex for £24.99 from £30 at the time of writing.

This 90 capsule bottle will last a month. But the ingredients are just too risk so you should be cautious if you decide to buy it. There are better options with a higher number of capsules and more researched and safer ingredients. Just check our top 3.

Muscle Geek Roxidex Side Effects

Due to the high levels of stimulants, you’re likely going to experience some Roxidex side effects.

These will generally be limited to headaches and nausea when the stimulants hit. But at higher doses or lower tolerances can be slightly more serious.

DMAA for example is very close, chemically to a banned substance that caused jitters and panic attacks. With bitter orange known for causing headaches and nausea.

This risk increases when you mix these stimulants with caffeine also. Be careful with Muscle Geeks fat burner.

Muscle Geek Roxidex Review Conclusion

This is a powerful fat burner that is heavily packed with stimulants. Whilst you will certainly see some increases in metabolism, energy and awareness it could be far too overbearing to make this an effective fat burner.

Muscle Geek have tried to counter the stimulant effects of this product with the inclusion of Theanine, but even this won’t prove enough to eliminate the unwanted effects.

If you have an extremely high tolerance to stimulants though, you may see some good results from a months worth of Roxidex supplementation.

But, as far as fat burner reviews go, this product is just too high in terms of potential side effects. We’d recommend checking out our top 3 instead.

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