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Muscle Blaze Fat Burner Extreme Review

Fat burners can get your body optimized to burn unwanted fat through the day, leading to a reduction in fat mass and more visible muscle.

Muscle Blaze’ Fat Burner Extreme is a product that uses a long list of ingredients in an attempt to get your body to do this.

Generally, with products that have longer lists of ingredients you are getting a more restricted dose of each one. Potentially limited the effects you are going to get.

The product does look good though, and if you look you can some good ingredients in here.


Muscle Blaze Fat Burner Extreme Core Ingredients

Fat Burning Ingredients Index

There’s lots of ingredients in here, some that are proven to work and backed up by scientific studies, others which may not work so well.

It’s good that all the ingredients are completely natural, then ensures you are safer taking this product and will get better results if you decide to take it for longer.

Muscle Blaze have included a range of herbs, with a large amount being stimulants.

However due to the low dosing in Fat Burner Extreme, you should avoid any nasty side effects.

Muscle Blaze Fat Burner Extreme Ingredients

Garcina Cambogia

When combined with a healthy diet and exercise this has been shown to slightly aid in fat loss. As well as this, it supports normal serotonin and cholesterol levels within the body.
There is still some research required before you can count on it to help with your fat burning though.


Caffeine is a staple supplement to modern day life. It is a highly effective stimulant in how it boosts the metabolism, mobilises fat to be used as energy and suppresses appetite.
As well as this it can boost the effects of other metabolism boosting products, such as green tea or bitter orange.
It has long been used by athletes, and non-athletes alike, in order to increase alertness, endurance and longevity.
This is essential for a fat burner. You need around 250mg-300mg dosed evenly through the day for best results.


This will aid with focus and also take the edge off stimulants, allowing the energy to be channeled and also keeping cortisol (stress hormone) levels lower.

You want 200mg+ for this to be truly effective.


Yohimbe has been shown to help increase power, inner strength and vitality. This is largely due to its effect upon the libido, both male and female.
It is also particularly useful for suppressing appetite. This effect combined with its ability to target stored fat makes it a commonly used supplement for fat loss.
The jury is still out on how effective it is however, with some studies showing unwanted side effects and limited benefits.


Guarana is an incredibly effective stimulant. Its seeds contain more than double the caffeine found in coffee seeds.
Guarana contains 2-4.5% caffeine in its seed, whereas coffee only contains 1-2%.
Due to its high content of caffeine it is proficient in boosting the metabolism and increasing mental alertness.
Guarana can cause side effects due to it’s caffeine content and shouldn’t be mixed with other stimulants.

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Muscle Blaze Fat Burner Extreme Dose

You get 3 capsules in a single serving of Muscle Blaze Fat Burner Extreme.

Whilst it’s good that this fat burner keeps an even spread of capsules through the day, there’s just too many ingredients in here for these servings to have enough of an effect.

Again, it’s great that all the ingredients are natural, but lots are just slightly under dosed which stop it competing with the better premium fat burners out there.

Muscle Blaze Fat Burner Extreme Side Effects

Due to the fact that all the ingredients in Muscle Blaze are at quite a low dose, and completely natural, side effects from this fat burner will be limited.

Muscle Blaze have done a good job of picking safer and more effective ingredients, it’d just be better if they featured at higher doses.

Muscle Blaze Fat Burner Extreme Review Conclusion

Generally this is a fairly good product. But it just falls short of making it as a premium fat burner.

Whilst there’s certainly some good ingredients in Muscle Blaze Fat Burner Extreme, it doesn’t quite measure up.

There’s some ingredients missing from it that are pretty essential when you are looking to burn away fat too.

If you are serious about burning fat, we’d recommend checking out our current top 3 fat burners to get maximum results.

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