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MTS Nutrition Drop Factor Fat Burner Review Bottle

To get weight quickly and effectively you need a solid reliable fat burner.

MTS’s Nutrition’s fat burner promises to jack up your metabolism and give you the ‘drop factor’. The product looks good and comes from a big company, which should make them trustworthy enough.

The ingredients list is all natural, with a focus on energy and metabolism boosters. The serving size does seem a little low too, for a product with so many stimulants.

MTS Nutrition Drop Factor Fat Burner  Core Ingredients

When choosing a fat burner you need natural ingredients. This keeps you safer from side effects and they are also more effective.

MTS nutrition does use a blend of natural ingredients, which is good and will ensure no nasty side effects.

The problem is they also seem to be using some sort of weird fruit blend. It’s impossible to tell the individual doses in this, but the ingredients look to be quite poor.

Leaving only a couple in this product that are backed by scientific studies and results.


An ingredient essential in any fat burner. Caffeine helps by boosting your metabolism, mood and energy levels. This will keep you focused and also burning extra calories through the day. This is a heavily researched ingredient and 250mg in Drop Factor will get you good results.


GREAT. Cayenne provides a great boost to any fat burner. It raises the bodies temprature causing thermogenesis. Meaning you are literally burning calories whilst sitting. There’s some solid scientific backing to this ingredient too, meaning it’s worth looking out for when buying a good fat burner.

Coleus Forskohlii

This is a chemical found in a plant root. Traditionally this is taken orally to treat problems like eczema and other skin conditions.

In supplements it is thought that this ingredient can actually increase fat burning compounds in the body. However, the only significant research that has been performed has been done in a test tube, so there is some concern that it will behave differently in the body.


Theobromine is found in the cocoa plant and also the Kola Nut, bot common in fat burners. However, this compound isn’t proven to be effective and can actually lead to a risk of being poisoned.

It may, due to it having some similarities to caffeine, also interact with this ingredient. So we’d certainly recommend being careful with this supplement if you are going to buy.


Synephrine is a stimulant (something similar to ephedrine, banned by nutritional bodies). This can cause problems with anxiety and has been known to cause various problems especially when taken with caffeine.

This isn’t ideal and is worth checking your own tolerance for as it could lead to some negative side effects.

HealthyORAC Blend

Grape Seed extract is good as it will help with circulation and some studies have found it can lower cholesterol.

This is one part of this blend which is essentially a vitamin packed fruit smoothie. It’s not going to directly help you lose weight, but it will help keep you healthy!


Yohimbe is highly stimulatory compound that, no surprise has had little research. As well as reported uses for fat burning, Yohimbe increases adrenaline levels and also inhibits a process in fat cells that normally prevents them from being used as energy.

It is worth bearing in mind that this ingredients effects can be prevented via food intake. Something which is far from ideal when you are training.

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MTS Nutrition Drop Factor Fat Burner Dose

The dose of ingredients in this product is generally ok.

However the serving size is a bit of an issue. As you are taking 2 capsules per day, you are getting a huge 125mg of caffeine and 22.5mg of synephrine in each. This is the level of stimulants that will cause negative side effects.

It’s worth being aware that at 75mg of cayenne per capsule, you may experience a slightly upset stomach too.

When buying a fat burner you are going to get far better results from a product that has more capsules through the day with less stimulants to cause side effects!

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MTS Nutrition Drop Factor Fat Burner Side Effects

You may get some negative side effects from the stimulants in this product being spread across two capsules.

This isn’t ideal when you are trying to burn through fat as these side effects can really hinder your progress.

They include nausea, headaches and energy crashes. It might be a good idea to test your tolerance before jumping in for full doses of Drop Factor.

MTS Nutrition Drop Factor Fat Burner Review Conclusion

This is a reasonable product that does have it’s merits, but also lacks a lot of what you need for real fat burning results.

It’s good this product uses natural ingredients, but they seem to go overboard with the stimulants which is a little frustrating.

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