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Mri Neuro Pump Review

The name of this product- MRI Neuro Pump, would suggest that it is a cognitive pre workout supplement that focuses on the power of your pumps. However, whether or not this is actually the case will depend on the ingredients used in the formula.

It’s a fairly expensive supplement, as such, one would expect that the ingredients be not only good-quality but effective as well.


To start off this review, let us start off with the substances inside of the MRI Neuro Pump formula. There are a total of 12 main ingredients, all chosen for their supposed ability to help you focus and achieve bigger and better pumps inside of the gym.

MRI Neuro Pump

L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate

This is a salt substance that is extracted from L-Arginine, it is suspected to enhance the power of pumps. The main downside of this ingredient is that its effectiveness is challenged by its poor absorption rate.

So even though there are 1,600 milligrams in the MRI Neuro Pump, we still cannot be certain of its effectiveness.

CamoSyn© Beta-Alanine

This is an ingredient that is known to help with muscle endurance- for longer workouts. However, it causes a ‘tingly’ sensation that is a harmless form of paresthesia- but is still uncomfortable for some people.


This is an ingredient that is found commonly in a lot of pre workout supplements- which explains its existence in the MRI Neuro Pump formula. However, it has not shown to be very effective and can cause a ‘fishy’ odor that many would want to avoid.


This is an ingredient that is meant to help people focus when working out. The dosage inside of the MRI Neuro Pump formula is a little lacking. Only 100 milligrams which is too little compared to the 500 milligrams that are preferred.


Another ingredient known for its cognitive effects. It’s a preferred nootropic ingredient, which should cover the cognitive part of the MRI formula. However, it hasn’t shown very consistent benefits when it comes to helping out with the rate in which muscle is gained. Especially when taken as a pre workout supplement.

Alpha GPC

Another nootropic ingredient meant to help the quality of your focus when you are in a gym. Much like L-Carnitine however, there is not enough of it inside of the MRI Neuro Pump formula. Meaning that it might not work for most people.

Caffeine and L-Theanine

One of the best parts of the MRI Neuro Pump formula, is the iconic pairing of Caffeine and L-Theanine. It’s a universal nootropic formula that is meant to be taken together. If you’re familiar with Green Tea, then you should be familiar with the kind of effects these two have.

Caffeine is the energizer, which can be a little overwhelming for some people. On the other hand, L-Theanine offers a way of relaxing its effects- in a way that allows you to experience Caffeine without all the jitters.

Where to buy Mri Neuro Pump?

As mentioned in the introduction, the MRI Neuro Pump pre workout supplements actually cost around 59.00 US Dollars per container. This includes enough servings to last a month, and comes in a singular flavor. This is actually a lot more expensive than most pre workout supplements.

Does it Work?

The main thing about the MRI Neuro pump is that it is lacking in regards to being an actual pre workout supplement. It would have been a pretty okay nootropic supplement, considering that it includes several ingredients that are good when it comes to improving the mental focus.

However, as far as pre workout ingredients go, it’s not very effective. There are also a lot of side-effects involved that some people might want to completely avoid.

Mri Neuro Pump Review Conclusion

The MRI Neuro Pump is quite an expensive supplement, which makes the things that it is lacking quite disappointing. If this were a nootropic supplement meant to improve one’s cognitive focus, then it should do fairly well.

However, as mentioned, it’s not as effective as a pre workout supplement. If you’re looking for a supplement that can help you gain muscle fast then you can check out our review on the best pre workout supplement out on the market right now.

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