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Is Mr Olympia as Good as it Was?

We here all old guys talking about how the new athletes that stand on the Mr Olympia stage are freaks. And not normally in the good sense.

They are spending their time harking back to the late 70’s and early 80’s when the Mr Olympia competition was dominated by today’s Golden Era Legends.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, Robby Robinson and all the other heroes you see plastered on gym walls in black and white today.

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No we have the new generation. Phil Heath being the 7 times Mr Olympia winner, in what was a controversial win over Big Ramy.

But that, 7 victory streak, while as big as Arnold’s, just isn’t as exciting.


Is Mr Olympia Fixed?

This is a really common question and one that is asked nearly every year. More so this year as so many people think Big Ramy was Robbed of the title.

Phil Heath appeared on stage looking fairly bloated and just out of conditioning. But arguably bigger and fuller than Big Ramy.

Now the problem here, is that fixing has thrown it’s ugly head in serious ways before. With ex judges (Lee Thompson) saying the President of the IFBB quite literally tells people who to put first using a secret code.

All about the Mr Olympia Prize Money

Phil Heath took home $400,000 reportedly for winning the Mr Olympia 2017. With a prize pot estimated to be over 1 million dollars combined. Which is pretty crazy.

Especially when you factor in the Mr Olympia isn’t just about the prize money. It’s about the sponsorships.

To go back to the point above about fixing, people invest in these bodybuilders, their supplements and where they train. So if you are a gym owner and train a Mr Olympia, it’s safe to say you will be making some serious money.

This understandably means that these judges, presidents, whoever is involved, can be affiliated. Which is why Lee Thompson accused the President of trying to ensure Phil Heath won against Kai Greene in the close battle a few years ago.

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