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Monsters In Training iFat Burner Review

Monsters In Training iFat Burner Review

Monsters in Training present their iFat Burner. They build the product up by calling it the most advanced energy and weight management formula. They certainly talk the talk and say it will provide a number of benefits to the user. Lets take a closer look at this product and see if we can get it into the top 3 fat burners!


The packaging of this product looks pretty good! A strong brand and a clear indication of what it does give it a good look. The bottle is fairly standard and you get 60 capsules per pack. This looks like a reasonably premium weight management product.


This is make or break for most supplements. While the packaging of Monsters In Training iFat Burner looks pretty good, on closer inspection you’ll notice the ingredients list is made up of a propriety blend. This doesn’t bode well as this means you can’t actually see individual amounts of ingredients and so have no idea what you are taking. We’d recommend always steering clear from a product like this as they tend to be overpriced, or worse, unsafe. Lets take a closer look at it’s contents.


Caffeine is a great fat burning ingredient. Why? Because it’s natural, widely tested, safe and well known for it’s fat burning properties. Whilst it is good to see caffeine in this blend, as any good fat burner should have it, it’s also a shame, as you don’t know how much you are actually going to be getting in each dose. This could mean you are left with feeling crashes after the morning tablet has worn off.

Green Tea

Another great ingredient. Green tea has a long history of fat burning. Again, it’s natural and actually helps your body burn through stored fat as energy, whilst also using it’s properties as a stimulant to increase the metabolism and again, burn through more calories. It’s a good ingredient, but one that requires a dose of around 400+mg to be truly effective. You can’t be sure the amount you are getting with this product.

Panax Ginseng

This ingredient is included in supplements as it supposedly reduces fatigue. However, there have been very few studies done into Panax Ginseng and those that have been done, have shown no improvement on their subjects. Include this fact with the fact you don’t know the dose you are getting and this seems a little bit of a rip off to us!


Theobromine is found in the cocoa plant and also the Kola Nut, bot common in fat burners. However, this compound isn’t proven to be effective and can actually lead to a risk of being poisoned. It may, due to it having some similarities to caffeine, also interact with this ingredient. So we’d certainly recommend being careful with this supplement if you are going to buy.


Synephrine is present in Bitter Orange and is known as citrus aurantium. This ingredient has similarities to ephedrine, which is actually a banned substance in most places as it is a dangerous stimulant. While we are sure this ingredient is a little safer, when you take into account it’s in a supplement alongside caffeine, it becomes a cause for concern. These ingredients have been proven to interact and cause side effects. Another worry is that you do not know the amounts you are taking in this blend. BE CAREFUL.

Stinging Nettle Root

This is used for a variety of conditions. Fat burning mixed in. There has been no evidence that it actually does anything. For any condition or reason. It’s a little bit of a waste really.

White Willow Bark

A single study has been performed on this ingredient when taken with ephedra, while there were some weight loss results in patients, it is most likely due to the effect of the ephedra itself and not the white willow bark. At this stage there is little evidence proving white willow bark as any form of weight loss or weight management supplement.


One capsule per day in the morning. This dose is bad for a fat burner, especially such an expensive one. You need a supplement that goes to assist with weight management, energy and thermogenic effect throughout the day. 3-4 capsules right through until early afternoon works best. Another problem with this supplement is the proprietary blend, the combination of ingredients can be unsafe in the wrong measures. They don’t tell you what the measures are. Stick with something proven and natural that gives you a full ingredients list.


$84.99 from monstersintraining.com. This price is very expensive especially for a proprietary blend. We completely recommend you check out our top 3 page to see fat burners that are cheaper and more effective. Do not spend that much for one month!



There were none available to find just yet. We presume this is because it’s a new supplement and not because it’s a proprietary blend! If you do find a testimonial or before and after with the product, then please send us a message on our Facebook page!





This product is overpriced for what it is. Whilst there are certainly some good proven fat burning ingredients present, it could also be dosed so that some are dangerous. The price is also too high. It’s trying to be a fully premium fat burner, but it isn’t. Check out our top 3 fat burners for serious results.

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