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Momentum Nutrition Formula 56 Fat Burner Review

Momentum Nutrition Formula 56 Fat Burner Review

Buying a fat burner is a tough decision. There is a massive amount of products out there that offer vastly different things.

But if you’ve made the decision to lose fat, then here’s what you need to be looking for;

  • Boosted Metabolism
  • Increased Energy and Focus
  • Reduced Appetite
  • Better Mood

Simple, right?

Wrong. With such a vast amount of products available, it’s surprising that only a handful actually offer proven ingredients at clinical doses.

Is Momentum Nutrition’s Formula 56 going to be a fat burner that get’s you shredded faster and easier? Let’s take a look at the ingredients and find out.

Momentum Nutrition Formula 56 Fat Burner Core Ingredients

The ingredients in formula 56 are natural, with a big dose of Naringin. There’s a couple of unproven herbs etc in here that we’d be a little wary of if you are commited to getting the most from your fat burner.

There’s also a couple of stimulants, which is good, but there’s potential here for some negative interactions.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients that will have some impact on your weight cut.


Naringin is a bioflavonoid which is uniquely found in grapefruit, and has unproven fat burning properties. This is a bit annoying, as it’s the main ingredient in this product and doesn’t exactly have science on it’s side like Green Tea or Green Coffee.


A proven ingredient. More energy, increased metabolism and better focus. This has been backed by countless studies and should be supplemented through the day for best fat burning results. The 250mg dose across 3 capsules in this product will get you some results too. Not bad.


Known to reduce stress, this is a nondietry amino acid found pretty much exclusively in teas. It will help reduce the stimulatory effects of caffeine while still providing the person who supplements with increased energy. This is a good addition and with a fair dosage.


Synephrine is present in Bitter Orange and is known as citrus aurantium. This ingredient has similarities to ephedrine, which is actually a banned substance in most places as it is a dangerous stimulant.

While we are sure this ingredient is a little safer, when you take into account it’s in a supplement alongside caffeine, it becomes a cause for concern. These two stimulants have been proven to interact and cause side effects

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Momentum Nutrition Formula 56 Fat Burner Dose

3 capsules per day. This is a good dose for any fat burner and exactly what you should be looking for to get results.

The problem with formula 56 is it’s focused on an ingredient that isn’t exactly proven and misses out key ingredients like Chromium, for insulin control and Green tea.

The ingredients they do use beyond the ones listed above will have limited effects at their doses.

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Momentum Nutrition Formula 56 Fat Burner Side Effects

It’s worth being aware that caffeine and synephrine can actually interact and cause negative side effects such as headaches, nausea and sickness.

The doses in this product are quite low, so it should be fine, but we’d probably check with a single dose over a day just to be sure.

Momentum Nutrition Formula 56 Fat Burner Review Conclusion

This is a reasonable fat burner with some ok ingredients. It’s a shame that there’s some in here that are largely unproven though.

It’s also worth noting the potential for side effects and lack of core proven fat burning ingredients that you’d expect to find in any effective, clincally dosed fat burner.

You will probably get some minor results from supplementing Formula 56, but these are going to take time.

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Momentum-Nutrition-Formula-56-Fat-Burner Review

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