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Metis Nutrition PyroStim Review

Fat burners need to have 3 important effects on your body to ensure you meet your fat loss targets. Metis Nutrtitions PyroStim is something that offers a 7-in-1 formula.

Pyrostim is a fat burner that uses a few huge proprietary blends of different ingredients.

The total of this massive list of ingredients is 700mg.

700mg isn’t much room for so many different ingredients and is a bit of a scattered approach to fat burning.

What’s more annoying, is rather than use scientifically backed doses of ingredients you can’t see how much of each ingredient is in the fat burner.

Metis Nutritions fat burner does have some proven ingredients however. But for the price you are paying it could be more focused, which would make it more effective.

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What Ingredients are in Metis Nutrition PyroStim

Ingredients wise PyroStim is too big. The blend is only 700mg and you are left with tiny amounts of room for the ingredients actually in the product.

We do see some good and proven fat burners like green tea, with a fairly high dose. But again, this only leaves 400mg for the rest of the ingredients.

Things like Cayenne can have a hugely positive effect on fat burning and the amino acids L-Theanine and ingredient Theacrine will work to improve focus.

Green Tea

Green tea is a proven fat burning ingredient that can work with the liver to help break down fatty acids. The big antioxidant burns fat and also provide a slight stimulatory affect too. This is a must have fat burner ingredient.


This not only helps increase your metabolism, making your body burn through fat through the day, but it also offers some appetite suppression. If you are seriously dieting to cut away unwanted fat, caffeine can help with this too. Ensuring you never feel terrible or run out of energy for a workout.


This is found in tea. It helps give you a level of focus and can counter balance the effects of stimulants at the right weight.

Theacrine also naturally occurs in green tea, as well as being supplemented. It’s good to have it in PyroStim as it will help balance the caffeine in each capsule.


Cayenne will heat things up and cause an internal burn (no side effects) which causes your body to burn calories in order to cool down.

It’s this cooling process that ensures you are using extra energy.


Metis Nutrition PyroStim Dose

1 capsule is each serving of Metis Nutrition’s fat burner.

In a total bottle you get 60 capsules. So this serving can be taken twice a day. But, this just isn’t enough to avoid side effects. It also doesn’t ensure that your body is kept in a fat burning state for as long as possible. Very frustrating.

Ingredients wise the 300mg caffeine/green tea combo will have some slight effects, 150mg of each in each capsule is a good split.

If you do supplement 150mg of caffeine without more caffeine though, you may have an energy crash.

Will Metis Nutrition PyroStim give me side effects?

Yes. Due to the fairly high amount of caffeine concentrated in a 2 capsule daily dose, you are probably going to experience energy crashes and even headaches.

We’ve said it so many times, there are a lot of ingredients in this product. It’s quite frustrating. This leaves you open to conventional side effects like a bad stomach also.

What PyroStim are trying is interesting, but it’s been tried before and these blends of 0.1mg of ingredients just aren’t worth the added risk.

Where to Buy Metis Nutrition PyroStim

You can buy PyroStim fat burner in the UK from Lucky Vitamins who have this product available for £55. Or US customers can buy Metis Nutrition’s fat burner from here and pay $59.99.

Metis Nutrition PyroStim Amazon

We’re not 100% on if you can buy metis nutrition Pyrostim fat burner on amazon? Or even if it’s available on Ebay. We couldn’t find it locally.  But we’re sure it’s pretty fast shipping from the above site. If you want to risk it.

Does  Metis Nutrition PyroStim work?

There are elements to Metis Nutrition’s fat burner that could work.

But overall they’ve crammed too many random ingredients in here for it to be a fully effective fat burner.

You should get some fairly good thermogenic and energy enhancing effects, but you are still paying for a supplement packed with tiny doses of herbs and ingredients that won’t really do anything.

Metis Nutrition PyroStim Review Conclusion

Metis Nutrition could’ve had a proven and solid fat burner with Pyro Stim 7. But annoyingly they’ve just crammed low doses of too many ingredients into it.

Whilst you may get some slight results from the proven herbs present, ultimately these are let down by the 2 doses of this fat burner each day.

As we’ve covered, you might not be able to buy metis nutrition PyroStim Amazon either. So it could be hard to get hold of like our #1 fat burner.

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