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Maxx Muscle Thermo 9MM Review

Thermo 9MM is the sole fat burner from camo covered Maxx Muscle. The supplement uses a blend of proven fat burning herbs and some synthesized ingredients to speed up your metabolism and seriously get you shredding down.

The blend looks fairly standard, however there are a couple of ingredients that should raise eyebrows in the fat burner experts reading.

You get a fairly standard 2 capsules per day with 60 overall in a months supply. Which isn’t exciting but might just be enough if they’ve balanced the ingredients effectively.

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It’d be fair to assume that due to the high level of stimulants you should be working out to get the best results from Maxx Muscle Thermo 9MM.

Let’s see if the blend is going to blow holes in your bodyfat anyway.

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Maxx Muscle Thermo 9MM Ingredients

Ingredients wise Maxx Muscle Thermo 9MM is packed with stimulants. It’s not going to be hugely overbearing for some, but you may experience some unwanted energy crashes from their blend.

You can at least see each ingredients full amount printed on the label though, so make sure you triple check before supplementing.

Effects wise you should see a good increase in metabolism around supplementing as well as some increases in energy levels. But these effects may also annoyingly come with some side effects.

Maxx Muscle Thermo 9MM Ingredients


Caffeine is an essential fat burning ingredient. It is a stimulant that not only keeps you awake, but also provides a quick boost to your metabolism that can be sustained with the right dose. Caffeine also provides a good level or energy for workouts and can suppress appetite.

Sausage Tree Fruit Extract

This is actually toxic to the skin, or the original plant is anyway. Sausage Tree Fruit Extract is being researched for use as a potential stimulant. There’s still a way to go before we could confidently say it’s worth supplementing though.


Is present in Tea leaves and can help reduce the effects of stimulants. It will lead to a more focused experience and also has links to effects with the breakdown of foods.

Citrus Aurntium

This is where Maxx Muscle Thermo 9MM is a little disappointing. This ingredient is a similar to the banned compound ephedrine. Whilst it may boost metabolism and increase energy, it can also interact with caffeine and cause unwanted side effects.


Also known as muira puama and is general used as it’s thought it can treat sexual disorders. There’s basically no evidence it can help with fat loss either which is very frustrating.

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Maxx Muscle Thermo 9MM Dose

The dose of Maxx Muscle Thermo 9MM is a bit of a let down really. Whilst there are a couple of fat burning ingredients in here you are only getting 2 capsules per day.

Given the fact there are some under researched and risky stimulants in this product, you could easily experience energy crashes.

It also means though, the safe ingredients may not work as well, as your metabolism will slow and appetite come back after supplementation. Fat burners with 4 capsules spread through the day are far more effective.

Maxx Muscle Thermo 9MM Side Effects

Side effects from the combination of stimulants in this fat burner could lead to headaches, nausea and sickness.

This is due to the synephrine potentially interacting with the caffeine. To check if you will have any of these side effects we’d recommend you test your tolerance with an individual capsule.

Where to buy Maxx Muscle Thermo 9MM

The best place to buy Maxx Muscle Thermo 9mm is directly from their website MaxxMuscle100.┬áOne month, or 60 caps will set you back ┬ú49.99. This is pricey as it’s a similar cost to our number 1 fat burner Instant Knockout. Which has a far better blend and massive 4 capsule serving size.

Ensuring absolutely no energy crashes and maximum full body burn for as long as possible.

Maxx Muscle Thermo 9MM Review Conclusion

We like the look of this fat burner. And it looks like it should be really effective.

But you have to judge products by what’s in the blend. Because when you take a look at the capsules in Maxx Muscles fat burner things are a little disappointing.

The blend uses some risky ingredients and for £49.99 you are paying a big amount for something that only has 60 capsules.

Frustratingly Thermo 9mm fat burner just can’t really compare to our top 3 fat burners. Although it does have some positives.

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