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Maxi Nutrition Thermobol Review

Latest from Maxi Nutrition comes fat burner Thermobol. This is a solid looking fat burner and one with a fairly lengthy ingredients profile that contains key fat burning vitamins and a mixture of fat burning herbs.

Generally to get the most from a fat burner you need a supplement with all natural ingredients and a decent serving size.

We’ve taken some of Maxi Nutrition’s products in the past and they’ve been fairly solid. But, they’re not fat burning specialists, with that in mind, how well will Thermobol stand up against MusclePharm’s Shred Sport or Grenade?

Let’s take a look past the good looking bottle and find out…

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Maxi Nutrition Thermobol Core Ingredients

Ingredients wise Thermobol is fairly standard for a herbal fat burner. With a focus on metabolism and a small dose of amino acids.

Generally, with these ingredients you should get some reasonable results, the doses aren’t as high as in our premium fat burners in the top 3, but generally most are proven to work.

There’s a couple in here which may cause some slight side effects, but this can be tested by taking a single capsule and seeing how you react.


Chromium is an element that’s indirectly responsible for boosting metabolism as it optimizes insulin which does the aforementioned by delivering nutrients to the cells. A lot of people also don’t have the required amount of chromium for a properly functioning body so this might help fighting that too. Furthermore, chromium is scientifically studied and proven to be effective, making it essential if you want to burn fat.

Bitter Orange Peel

Citrus Aurantium or bitter orange peel is the compound found in the raw fruit of Citrus Aurantium that increases fat breakdown, metabolic rate brings about thermogenesis and all the while, suppressing appetite as well. These effects are similar to those of ephedrine or ephedra but it doesn’t get converted to methamphetamines. But, the similarities extend to side effects as well especially when they are combined with other stimulants.


This non-essential amino acid is actually important for a lot of reasons mainly because its neuromuscular function has the capability to affect appetite, mood, mental function and even sex drive. Synthesized within the body from the amino acid phenylalanine, it has a major role in producing melanin in the body which protects against UV light. It is recommended to have higher doses of L-tyrosine as it’s an amino acid.


Its obvious by now effective caffeine is when it comes to fat burning, even if its more popular effect is increasing alertness in the body. It also acts as a helping hand by boosting the effectiveness of metabolism enhancing ingredients like green tea and bitter orange. Its appetite suppression serves as the cherry on the cake and it shouldn’t come off as a surprise that athletes have caffeinated drinks on a regular basis for the same reason. A 250-300mg dose of caffeine spread evenly through the day should be enough.

Green Tea

If you want a no-nonsense ingredient that works well without any side effects, then it probably doesn’t get any better than green tea. It’s been recently very popular among health enthusiasts due to its function of increasing metabolism thanks to a combination of caffeine and catechins. Some studies have shown that having appropriate quantity of green tea (500mg) distributed throughout the day is enough to burn extra 200 calories throughout your day without the need of any further exercise!


Guarana is a compound that basically takes coffee beans and brings it to a whole new level on caffeine content. Where regular coffee seeds only have 1-2% of caffeine content, guarana seeds have 2-4.5% of it, making it twice as effective but also twice as susceptible to its side effects like jitters especially if you mix it with other stimulants. But if you’re cautious and not overdoing, you will notice the same positive fat burning effects of caffeine like boosted metabolism.


Native to the American continent, Cayenne pepper is one of the key element in a lot of cuisines but due to its rich content of capsaicin, it’s now being used in supplements as well. Capsaicin brings a ‘warming effect’ the body that boosts blood circulation and burns calories. Having 100 mg evenly throughout the day is the recommended quantity.

Maxi Nutrition Thermobol Dose

You get 3 capsules per day with Maxi Nutritions Thermobol.

This spread evenly through the day is more than enough to get some good fat burning results.

It’s worth remembering though, that you’ll get better results with higher doses of the key ingredients and using a supplement that avoids side effects.

Sadly Thermobol’s Bitter Orange content is just a little risky.

Maxi Nutrition Thermobol Side Effects

Side effects can cause real problems when it comes to shedding unwanted fat, as it means you’ll have to take a break from the supplement you are using and even occasionally from training.

Generally side effects are fairly limited when fat burners use natural ingredients, so it’s essential you get a fat burner that uses them.

The problem however with Maxi Nutrition’s fat burner is that you are potentially going to experience side effects from the caffeine and bitter orange combination.

These could include headaches, nausea and axiety. Test your tolerance first.

Maxi Nutrition Thermobol Review Conclusion

Whilst this fat burner looks the part, it’s blend of ingredients is pretty standard for a middle fat burner.

There is some chance the blend could cause unwanted side effects, which could cause setbacks.

Overall you’d be better investing a little more money into one of our top 3 fat burners.

This way you can avoid unwanted side effects and really focus on cutting that fat with a proven and serious supplement.

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