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Max Effort Muscle Fat Burner Review

Putting in the Max Effort to cut weight is something that you always need to be doing.  (See what we did there?)

A good fat burner can make this process quicker, easier and more fun. Natural products should be top of your shopping list, as they provide the safest, well dosed way of revealing your six pack.

Max Effort muscles fat burner looks solid. It has a vast looking ingredients profile and a very cool bottle too. (Look’s always help a little)

We’re excited to jump in and see exactly what you can expect from supplementing this product from Max Effort.

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Max Effort Muscle Fat Burner Ingredients

There’s a massive amount of ingredients in this fat burner, which is great to see. There’s plenty of proven natural burners too which is something you NEED if you are serious about cutting weight.

Mixed in there are a few herbs that are largely unproven and so most likely won’t have any real results (Guarana, Garcina Cambogia, Uva Ursi etc). Let’s focus on the things that will give you some results:

Green Tea

Green tea is a proven natural fat burning ingredient and is currently one of the best on the market. Green tea literally helps the body break down stored fat as fuel. What’s also good about green tea is that it contains caffeine and helps to naturally boost your metabolism. You NEED green tea in any natural fat burner to guarantee results.


Caffeine is a must have ingredient for an effective fat burner also. Proven in various studies to help with weight loss. Caffeine will help boost your metabolism by speeding up reactions in the central nervous system. It also provides you with some energy, particularly useful if you are dieting hard.


Cayenne is another essential ingredient for a fat burner. It literally heats up your body when it hits your stomach, this in turn means you are burning extra calories through the day.

Green Coffee

Full of Chlorogenic Acid, which can help regulate insulin levels and help with storing extra fat. Another great natural ingredient in a fat burner.

Milk Thistle and Dandelion Leaf

Generally both know for that diuretic effects on your system. Meaning they will help you pass lots of water and lose some water weight. Not a great addition to a fat burner and can sometimes cause problems for some people.


Generally is used for it’s mood boosting and anti stress properties. The use of L-Tyrosine in fat loss is up for debate, as some think it can slightly increase metabolism by increase activity in the central nervous system. This is not proven however.


Whilst early reports show that this may do some good for memory retention and cognition, there is limited data on fat loss. Some conflicting reports show that this ingredient does nothing for weight loss at all. There are also a number of side effects on labels of pure DMAE drugs, so be very careful if you are supplementing it in this product.

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Max Effort Muscle Fat Burner Dose

A solid amount of 4 servings. This is what you want from any good fat burner. Our current number #1 uses 4 doses spread through the day and unlike this product, only focuses on the proven ingredients.

Remember, it’s crucial you get something that channels proven ingredients only, otherwise you are just burning your money on ineffective products that could cause some side effects.

Max Effort Muscle Fat Burner Side Effects

The large range of ingredents in this product could lead to some side effects in the way of nausea and headaches. Especially with a high amount of stimulants.

Generally, on their own though, lots of these ingredients are pretty safe to be taken and should get you some reasonable results.

Max Effort Muscle Fat Burner Review Conclusion

We like this fat burner, it’s got a solid set of ingredients. But also mixed in are plenty that won’t really have any effect. This means that the scientifically backed ingredients are cut in terms of dose. Very annoying.

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