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MAN Sports Scorch Fat Burner Review Bottle

Getting yourself looking shredded is something that takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Luckily a decent fat burner can help you along your way massively.

Improving your chances hugely by reducing appetite, boosting metabolism and giving you energy.

MAN Sports are a huge company with a wealth of products, but is their great looking fat burner Scorch, really going to get you cut down.

Remember when choosing a fat burner you need to be able to see ALL the ingredients and exact doses, and for the best and safest results they need to be natural and scientifically proven.

Let’s take a look inside Scorch and see if it’s going to get you good fat burning results.

MAN Sports Scorch Fat Burner Core Ingredients

It’s great to see a supplement with a big focus on green tea. However there’s other ingredients in scorch, and plenty of stimulants that could undo some of your hard work if you don’t supplement them right or have a slight intolerance.

It’s good though, the focus is on these natural ingredients that will get you some results at least!

Green Tea and Oolong Tea

Green tea is a proven fat burning ingredient. Period. It allows the body to break down more fatty acids in the liver, literally burning away at stored fat for energy.

It’s thought that Oolong tea and Green tea’s EGCGs worked together to increase fat oxidation. However this is yet to be fully proven, but it’s a good idea no doubt.


Caffeine is a fat burning staple. This ingredient will not only give you more energy and focus, but it can also help ignite fat burning by boosting your metabolism. It’s essential that your dose of caffeine is spread through the day to keep yourself energised and your metabolism burning.

Raspberry Ketones

Unproven to help with weight loss and the product of clever marketing. This ingredient will not get you any real results when it comes to fat loss. It’s frustrating to see it so widely used, especially with big companies like MAN sports.


This is a stimulant. Similar in it’s chemical make up to banned substance ephedrine, synephrine can cause unwanted side effects for some people.

It’s a problem too that this ingredient has been reported to interact negatively with caffeine.


This ingredient is thought to help with the regulation of happy hormones. The problem is that when you supplement it, it’s broken down so quickly, that it serves no use at all.

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MAN Sports Scorch Fat Burner Dose

3 capsules is one serving. This is a solid dose for a fat burner and will keep your metabolism burning through the day. Generally the doses of ingredients are pretty good for them to be effective too.

You need to know there are a few missing ingredients in here in terms of regulating levels of insulin and appetite suppression though.

MAN Sports Scorch Fat Burner Side Effects

Be careful with the number of stimulants in Scorch. As caffeine and synephrine have been known to negatively interact with each other in the people.

These side effects will include headaches and nausea generally.

They will pass with time, but to be absolutely sure you are not prone it’d be a good idea to check your tolerance.

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MAN Sports Scorch Fat Burner Review Conclusion

This is a reasonable fat burner. It falls shot of hitting that premium mark however as it doesn’t offer up as many proven ingredients as it could.

It just lacks in some areas that you need to ensure you are eating less and keeping the fat burning jacked up.

Be cautious of potential side effects too, we’d recommend checking your tolerance to this product.

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