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Magnum Heat Accelerated Fat Burner Review

From Canada we have some accelerated heat! The massive (and reliable) Magnum supplements fat burning offering looks BIG. With a massive profile of ingredients.

The product also looks clean and clinical. They’ve taken good care of the way the product looks, but will they take so much care with it’s contents?

It’s worth remembering that the more ingredients in your product doesn’t always mean the better.

Each capsule can only hold so much, so lots of these ingredients will most likely be under dosed.

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Magnum Heat Accelerated Fat Burner Core Ingredients

The blends in Magnum’s heat accelerated are huge. But with ingredients in a supplement big isn’t always better.

Remember some of these ingredients need as much as 500mg to be effective and worthwhile, chances are you’re not going to find that when it’s a proprietary blend of 10 ingredients in a capsule that holds 950mg.

There is some good natural ingredients in here though, so you will get some effects, but it’s the effectiveness (weird sentence) in doubt.

Energy Spiking Agents

Loaded with stimulants. Caffiene, Guarna, Kola Nut especially, this will certainly spike your energy.

Generally the ingredients in here will give you a serious edge whilst training.

It’s a bit worry that this is such a big blend though, as so many stimulants could lead to crashes and worse if they are dosed wrong.

Thermogenic Accelerator Matrix

This will sort of get your metabolism burning. We say sort of because Raspberry Ketone has been scientifically proven to do absolutely nothing. So that’s a waste.

Citrus Aurantium is similar to banned substance ephedrene. It has also been known to have some negative interactions with caffeine, so test your tolerance before supplementing this.

Green Tea and Capsicum will help with the break down of fatty acids and thermogenesis though, but you’d need around 500mg of Green tea and 100mg of capsicum to do this.

This blend is undoubtably under dosed.

Adaptogen Blend

This blend may help get you some results, but largely the ingredients here remain unproven.

The herbs here are generally touted to lower cortisol levels and assist with hormone balance.

Liquid Circulation Matrix

L-Citrulline needs dosing A LOT higher to get you results in this product. Some pre workouts put 6000mg in them, ensuring increased nitric oxide and nutrient flow.

Ginko Bilboa has some merits as aiding blood flow, but again this blend is just too small to guarantee effective results.

Magnum Heat Accelerated Fat Burner Dose

3 capsules is a good serving size and ensures you keep your body burning fat through the day.

The problem lies with the fact that we can’t see the individual doses of ingredients, so this product is most likely under dosed in a range of proven ingredients.

This makes it appear stronger and more marketable to you, but you need to avoid products like this if you are serious about revealing those abs.

Magnum Heat Accelerated Fat Burner Side Effects

Side effects may rise from the mix of stimulants and citrus aurantium. Just check your tolerance with the first capsule to get round this.

Never exceed the dose stated on the bottle either. That could be bad.

Magnum Heat Accelerated Fat Burner Review Conclusion

All in all this should be a great product, but they’ve tried to use too many ingredients and also hidden individual doses into a blend.

If you can’t see exactly what you are taking it’s not really worth the risk.

Whilst you may see an increase in metabolic rate and energy levels from this fat burner, it doesn’t dial in enough onto scientifically backed ingredients. If you are in Canada you may benefit from quick delivery. But even our #1 fat burner ships worldwide fast.

For the best results, look for clear, clincally dosed and proven ingredients ONLY in your fat burner. This will ensure you boost metabolism, suppress appetite and burn unwanted fat.

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