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What to Look for in Fat Burner Reviews

It needs no mentioning that the world is getting more and more obsessed with fitness every single day. And as much as the fitness OGs would recommend you to stick with supplements that work or even more so; to stick to eating natural, we have to admit that it’s 2017 and we need everything done fast. So, it’s fat burners for speedy weight loss but being the smart consumer, you gotta check for reviews first, right? What exactly should you look in those before making a purchase decision? Well, that’s what we’re here to answer:


  1. Ingredient List: The first thing that you’ll notice in any reputable fat burner review website is that it includes all the correct ingredients that are present in that fat burner. This can be really important if you are someone with certain tolerances as skimming through them can give you quick hint if you’re allergic or intolerant to a particular ingredient. Also, a well-described ingredient list makes you well informed so the next time you buy something you are aware of how good a fat burner is. Plus, it’s just as important to mention the individual quantity that a particular ingredient has in the fat burning supplement to get an idea.
  2. Side Effects: It’s also one of the ways to differentiate between a sponsored review and a real one: a good fat burner review doesn’t sugarcoat anything. It’s obvious that knowing what side effects of a particular fat burner are is important so you’re aware if that’s kind of thing you can manage in your situation. For example: some fat burners include products like cayenne pepper, gelatin, guggul among others that some people can be allergic to. The reactions are fairly mild ones but are still noteworthy so you know it beforehand.
  3. In a nutshell: Not everyone has the time to read a 3-page article about a fat burner during their lunch time at office. Some just want to take a look at the bottom line and see if it’s worth their time or not. So, all in all, a good fat burner review also has a little paragraph that briefly explains if the product is worth your time or not. It’s even better if it’s at the start so if you’re interested, you can keep reading and move on to the next page if you’re not.
  4. Company Background: Though fat burners are slowly gaining popularity, not a lot of people are well-aware of the brands out there that offer these products. While product is certainly more important than which company it came from, having a little background about it can help people form an opinion which might help them during future purchases.
  5. Video Review: As good as regular review in the form of an article and some images is, it helps to have something that has a more visual appeal. Another reason to prefer a video review is at the very least you can be sure that the guy that wrote the article or one who made the video has tried and tested the product instead of just taking information from other sites and plagiarizing them to write an article.
  6. No Ads: While every websites deserves a kickback for the awesome content it provides and the value it offers through monetization let’s face the ugly truth from a reader’s standpoint: ads suck and are unintuitive. Besides, most fat burner review websites get their buck from affiliates and their own online supplement store so it’s good to have a review that only provides the content.
  7. Informative: A good fat burner review should provide value to its reader which means that by the time you are done reading it, you should learn more than just what the product is about. Now this isn’t necessary since the only thing mandatory for the review is to get the point across, it doesn’t hurt to know the different varieties plus links to other informative content that’ll help you learn more about it. For example: you’d probably be more interested in a fat burner review that also shows you what to look out for when you buy one or teach you about BMI and other important stuff pertaining to supplements than one that just shows if the product is good or not.
  8. Keep it Simple, Silly: You, the reader are there for one thing: the fat burner review. So that makes it really difficult if you have to Google words from every other sentence. It goes without saying that a good fat burner review should have a writing format that uses simple words to describe what the product is about and explaining when mentioning scientific terms are necessary like names of hormones and their functions.
  9. Prices on Different Websites: Mentioning the different prices available for the fat burner on different shopping sites is profitable for both the reader and the website: you get the best deal available and the website owner earns a little bit from the affiliate sale. There are some websites that will basically link it back to their own store for a better profit and in those cases you should go for another review that does mention available prices from online stores or just visit individual ones yourself.
  10. Studies: Though there are rarely any studies conducted on fat burning supplements, there are more than a few that are done on the individual ingredients in a fat burner. Studies can be important to know if the particular ingredient in the supplement can actually result in weight loss or is rather on ‘Jury is still out’ status. Besides, studies have shown that any content written after ‘studies have shown that’ becomes more believable. Okay jokes apart though, these can be a really good source of info.

We know that the list doesn’t end here so we want to hear from you! What do you look for in a fat burner review? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below so we know too!

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