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How long should a gym session be?

How much time you spend in a gym, is dependent on what you’re hoping to achieve. It’s also a lot more important than what some people may assume. A lot of people probably have this idea that the more time you spend working out the better, and many beginners looking for quick results would spend hours and hours inside of a gym – working themselves to the bone.

This is not optimal – for many reasons. It is something that should be corrected immediately, because overworking yourself isn’t actually going to get you to where you need to be. In fact, in most cases, all it will do is erase whatever progress you’ve made thus far.

Outside of the obvious injuries that could arise if you spend too much time pumping or lifting weights in a gym, it might also negatively affect your general health, and cause you to have medical conditions that could end up permanently impairing your health.

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Building Muscle


If you’re looking to build muscle, the amount of exercise that you get at a time is even more so important. The best thing for one to do, is to increase the intensity of their workouts rather than the time they spend doing said workouts. Set a time for yourself and make sure you follow it. The maximum time that is commonly recommended is 60 minutes.

Most bodybuilders follow this time limit, and work out most days of the week. However, they always remember to save some time for rest. In most cases they even focus only on one muscle-group per day. This gives their body time to rest and build itself up, which is necessary if you want to increase muscle hypertrophy.

Going over 60 minutes has been proven to be more harmful than good, as the testosterone levels that your body will produce starts to lower. The stress that your body will be put through in these kinds of situations, will only break up your muscles- rather than build them up.



When it comes losing weight, how much you lose at a time is important. Losing too much weight at a time is unhealthy and can lead to loose skin and dramatic falls in metabolism – that could break it completely.

The best thing to do would be to work out as often as you can, but make sure that you’re not spending too much time overworking your body. Losing too much weight all at once will lead to many health complications that can develop over time- especially if you struggle with maintaining said weight, and find yourself applying these unhealthy tactics again and again.

How much you exercise should be based on your current weight, and how much time would be required for you to reach a certain amount of weight loss per week. It might also be dependent on the intensity of your workouts. High-intensity workouts need only be done a quarter of an hour or so, whilst something low-intensity (walking) can be done for hours. It’s reliant on how many calories you need to burn per day.  

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