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LipoxyDerm Firming Cream Review

Lipoxyderm is a miracle looking firming cream, that can apparently firm up the skin and spot reduce troublesome areas of fat.

We’re extremely skeptical about products that promise any form of spot reduction as it is, near enough impossible. To effectively reduce fat in a certain area, you need to be training that area quite hard and in a calorie deficit.

Even then, your body will used stored fat as energy from the first place it can get it, and not that particular area.

Lipoxyderm is backed by some high profile athletes though, which makes it look like there is a chance of working.

Let’s take a closer look at the science and the ingredients and see if this fat burning cream will work.

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What Ingredients are in LipoxyDerm Firming Cream?

LipoxyDerm uses a ‘Non greasy proprietary blend’. This is where each ingredient is.

Now, we are cynical after using ‘fat burner spot creams’ before and having little results. Although Lipoxyderms ingredients seem quite interesting.

One thing that is annoying though, Spot Reduction is all but impossible when it comes to weight loss.

And will be even more impossible simply by applying a cream. You NEED to build muscle in the problem zone and just burn fat.

A normal fat burner supplement can help with this, as it’s assists workouts and diet. A cream may just tingle slightly and absorb far less of the below ingredients.

LipoxyDerm Firming Cream Ingredients


Caffiene can be used as a topical agent and some of it absorbed. But generally, when there is caffeine in black coffee, or inside supplements, it’s far easier to ingest it normally.

In a normal fat burner the effects of caffeine would be an increase in metabolism and increased energy. However at an unknown dose when rubbed on the skin, it’s hard to say.


This amino acid needs to be supplemented at higher doses to assist with the transfer of energy into cells. L-Carnitine appears in some supplements at around 1000mg.

No scientific studies currently exist on rubbing this ingredient onto the skin, so we are unsure what use it will have in LipoxyDerm.


Yohimbe is reportedly shown to increase power, strength and vitality. It can impact male and female hormones when taken orally. It’s main use in fat burners serves as an appetite suppressant.

However we also doubt the effectiveness of rubbing it on your skin as it won’t directly enter the stomach to help you cut down on calories with more ease.

Gotu Cola

Normally this chinese herb is used to treat UTI’s and other bacterial infection. There are also some benefits associated with reducing fatigue and helping with blood flow.

Once again, there are no scientific studies surrounding this ingredient. Instead there would probably be some benefit to skin and blood flow when applied to the skin.

LipoxyDerm Firming Cream Instructions

Lipoxyderm should be applied twice a day for best results. First thing in the morning (especially after a shower), and in the afternoon. Apply 30 minutes prior to a workout so it has time to absorb.

By rubbing it on it will absorb some of it’s nutrients through the skin, however it will absorb less than a capsule of another fat burner.

The effects of this fat loss cream are going to be far less than a normal fat burner, with the added risk of irritated skin. Also, during a workout you might just sweat it off.

Will LipoxyDerm Firming Cream give me side effects?

Sadly there are some side effects could occur due to this being a cream. These are limited to skin irritation mostly.

Whilst there are probably not as many side effects that could occur as with a supplement, the results you get are going to be very limited also.

Generally natural fat burners are safe supplements with a good dose that will ensure results, not some weak, semi risky cream.

Where can you buy LipoxyDerm Firming Cream?

You can buy it directly from their website www.lipoxyderm.com

Each bottle can set you back around $80. Which is extremely expensive for something that just won’t work as well as a conventional fat burner.

Your body needs regular doses of ingredients inside this weight loss cream, and it needs to digest them to work properly. You get a bigger dose and better deal with our top 3 fat burners. 

Does LipoxyDerm Firming Cream work?

In short, not really. Generally due to the nature of modern life creams are hard to make work. Whilst there are some ingredients that can work topically, generally you need far more than just a cream to hit those tight spots.

If you are prepping for a show, a conventional fat burner would work better to help with toning. Alongside some work. This is no miracle cure and there are better fat burning creams out there.

You can read a scientific study about weight loss creams that contain licorice, that worked slightly.

LipoxyDerm Firming Cream Review Conclusion

The jury will be out on this product. But we have heavy doubts about it’s effectiveness at shrinking fat and tightening skin for the price you pay.

For people with an imminent bodybuilding show, who need to firm up abs, there could be some slight benefit.

However it’s all dependent on the dose of key ingredients and your lifestyle and goals. If you are planning on using this as a fat loss cream, it won’t keep the fat off and sadly just won’t work.

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