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Lev-el Thrive Fat Burner Review

Thrive, or ‘the Thrive Experience as the Lev-el website puts it, promises to be a revolutionary 8 week fat loss supplement program.

We have the male version up for review, as I’m a man (other than after leg day).

This product is just like any fat burner, it uses a blend of ingredients to achieve maximum fat loss results.

When you’re buying any fat burner, it’s important the product you choose meets the below criteria –

  • Boosts your metabolism, using a steady dose of capsules
  • Provides you with energy and focus
  • Shows you exact doses of it’s active ingredients
  • Works as an appetite suppressant
  • Uses clinical doses of ingredients PROVEN to work

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at Thrive’s Fat Loss experience and see if it’s going to work for you.

Lev-el Thrive Fat Burner Review Ingredients

There’s a good solid list of vitamins and minerals in this product that will help with fat loss. The problem comes when you get to the list of fat burning ingredients and, due to a proprietary blend, can’t see individual doses.

Why should you be careful buying any supplement that uses a proprietary blend:

  1.  It’s a sign companies are using high amounts of cheap ineffective ingredients
  2.  Mis dosing of some ingredients could cause unwanted side effects.

It’s important to remember that this blend is only 526mg when looking at the ingredients list. This means you are getting around 50mg at most, of each ingredient.

This isn’t enough to be effective at burning fat with even the proven ingredients in here.

Blend aside, let’s look at what is actually in it and see if there is anything that may get you those fat burning results after the 8 week period.



There’s actually two types of caffeine in here. In the form of Green Tea and Guarna. This is fairly useful as they are both natural sources of caffeine. However there’s no difference to just adding the caffeine anhydrous itself to get a more direct result.

B-Lactis etc etc

There’s a good amount of probiotics in here. These will assist with the breakdown of foods and keep your gut healthy. This ensures that you are taking on less fat. In terms of the amount of weight you will lose though, you should probably be quite skeptical, as there isn’t masses of scientific studies on their use for effective weight loss.


An amino acid that can help with blood flow and nutrient deliver. However in order to do this it needs to be at a much higher dose than is in this product.

Green Coffee Bean

A good ingredient to have and can help hugely in regulating insulin levels and with the body storing excess fat from food. This ingredient needs around 100mg on it’s own to work, and we heavily doubt there is that much in this product.

Overall this blend is trying to pack in too much, so that most of it will be under dosed. There are far better blends out there than this, that have got me extremely good results.

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Lev-el Thrive Fat Burner Review Dose

The dosing structure of your Thrive weight loss experience is lacking. Especially because the hidden blend barely has enough room for a clinical dose of caffeine for fat loss.

You need, with any fat burning product to be having at least 4 servings per day. At equal times. This ensures your metabolism is boosted and your energy levels kept up through the day.

Lev-el Thrive Fat Burner Review Side Effects

You may get some slight side effects from this product as one of the ingredients, citrus aurantium (similar chemically to banned substance ephedrene) can interact negatively with caffeine. Just be aware of this.

We doubt you will have any severe negative side effects though as the product is so under dosed in key fat burning ingredients.

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Lev-el Thrive Fat Burner Review Conclusion

This 8 week course is quite disappointing to be honest. It’s a great angle to include pro-biotics in here, but ultimately it’s highly under dosed on any natural fat burning ingredients due to this.

A lot of the ingredients in the profile are unproven too, meaning that no studies have been conducted on them for fat loss, or studies have shown they don’t work.

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Lev-el Thrive Fat Burner Review

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