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LeCheek Nutrition Warning Review

Today we will be looking into a fat burner that was manufactured by LeCheek Nutrition. The LeCheek Nutrition Warning has gained some attention from a sister Pre Workout supplement that was manufactured by the same company.

Now, we had a look at what the brand looked like. We went to their official website and had a quick look. It seems to us, that the company itself is fairly new. Established on (or around) 2013. Not much else is known. 

By the end of our review, we will have an answer as to the true effectiveness of this supplement. Our view is unfavorable as of now. 

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LeCheek Nutrition Warning Ingredients  

Our first look at the LeCheek Nutrition Warning label is a bit shaky as well. Right away, we can see a couple of ingredients that catches our eye. Not necessarily bad ingredients, but potentially dangerous ones. In total, the supplement uses 9 main ingredients. 

LeCheek Nutrition Warning Review Ingredients

Caffeine Anhydrous

This is one of the best stimulants out there. There is a 200mg dose that the LeCheek Nutrition Warning recommends. This is not such a bad number. It should provide sufficient energy and minimal thermogenic effects. It should be noted, that people who don’t consume caffeine on a regular basis might struggle and experience some side-effects.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

This is a popular fat burner ingredient. It should be able to provide a certain level of fat burn, as well as promote focus in the gym.

Yerba Mate Powder

Although the first two stimulants seemed like a good idea. It’s starting to seem like they went a bit overboard. Yerba Mate is another stimulant, one that isn’t as strong as Caffeine. It is an unnecessary ingredient. 

DMAE Bitartrate

This is more of a nootropic ingredient, it hadn’t proven to be very effective as far as a fat burner ingredient. Not only that, but it has also been said to cause some side-effects that can potentially be dangerous for pregnant women.

Caffeine Citrate

Another stimulant. The situation is looking more direr. With this addition to the pool, we can expect that the side-effects be certain.


This is a trademarked ingredient, and what do you know? It’s another stimulant! This is looking worse and worse.

Rauwolfia Extract

This is a believed thermogenic ingredient. It has proven to be beneficial as a fat burner. However, it is also known to induce negative side-effects.

Yohimbine Extract

This ingredient is a bit of a give or take. This has been banned because of potential side-effects. So, despite the proven fat burner benefits, it’s not something that we like to see inside of the fat burners we analyze.

Huperzine A

This is a popular nootropic ingredient. However, it is most definitely not a fat burner. Not only that, but much like Yohimbine, it has been known to cause side-effects that we would prefer to not see inside of fat burner supplements.

Where to buy LeCheek Nutrition Warning

The price of a singular LeCheek Nutrition Warning container costs around 34.95 US Dollars. With 60 capsules and a recommended 2 capsules per daily serving, this should last you for a month. The dosage is kind of lacking. We would prefer fat burner supplements with 3-4 daily dosages.

LeCheek Nutrition Warning Side effects

A lot of people like to double or triple their dosage.  However, that is something that one would have to avoid doing if they insist on taking the LeCheek Nutrition Warning. A lot of the ingredients inside of this Fat Burner supplement are dangerous and can cause several mild-to-severe side-effects.

  • High Caffeine content is bound to cause jitters and severe energy crashes.
  • The Yohimbine Extract is known to cause Nausea, Diarrhea, Anxiety, and High Blood Pressure.
  • The Rauwolfia is known to cause Nausea, Diarrhea, and Anxiety.

LeCheek Nutrition Warning Results Review and Expected Effects

Our opinion of the LeCheek Nutrition Warning had been negative from start to finish. There are a couple of good ingredients in here, but not enough. This is just another supplement that will get you all jacked up- only to leave you unmotivated and exhausted later.

There are one too many risks regarding potential side-effects and the stimulant content is over the top. It’s not the worse supplement that we have reviewed but it’s definitely one of them. There are better fat burner supplements out there. Supplements that can give you your desired results- SAFELY.

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