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Lean Nutrition Fat Metaboliser Review

Lean Nutrition is marketed as a fat metabolizer, which is targeted towards people who need a little extra push when it comes to losing fat. The large. and ever growing, fat burner supplement market has many similar supplements that promise the same thing. However, the cheap price might tempt some in coughing up the dollars needed to purchase it.

The recommended dosage is two capsules per day, and the label cautions against exceeding this amount. In fact, the label instructs first time users to take only one capsule per day – to start. With 60 capsules per container, this should last you a whole month if taken at the recommended dosage.

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Ingredients in Lean Nutrition Fat Metaboliser

There are many ingredients used in the making of this supplement, there are 11 main ones explicitly stated on the label. However, the dosages per pill might be a little than lower than what is recommended.

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Green Tea

Green Tea is a popular ingredient in the world of dietary supplements, and it has been proven to promote some weight loss. There are 200 milligrams per daily serving of Lean Nutrition, which is lower than what is recommended. “Significant effects in humans are noted only at high doses, such as 400-500mg” which means that the amount in Lean Nutrition will not work – unless you go over the recommended dose, which the label has advised against.


There are 150 milligrams of caffeine per serving of Lean Nutrition, which should work just fine considering that there should be a good amount of caffeine already in the Green Tea ingredient that had previously mentioned. Caffeine is known to be effective when it comes to increasing metabolic rates as well as raising your energy levels throughout the day.

The dosage in Lean Nutrition is a little lower in the spectrum of recommended dosages, which is good for people does not regularly consume caffeine. This is also good because high doses of caffeine usually result in pretty hard crashes. However, if you’re someone who uses caffeine often, the recommended dose inside of Lean Nutrition is not enough. One should also note that caffeine has been found to be generally less effective in obese people.


This is fruit that had traditionally been used as medicine. There is caffeine inside of it, however, it’s so low that it doesn’t actually play an active role in the use of it. There are 120 milligrams of guarana in the Lean Nutrition supplement, which is actually over the recommended dosage of 50-75 milligrams. Despite what some may think, guarana has been proven ineffective as far as fat burn.


Rather than a fat burner, Taurine is more well-known for its ability to prevent the cramps that may result from the use of fat burning supplements. It’s effect as an antidiabetic supplement is still being researched so we cannot confirm its effectiveness here. There are 100 milligrams of it in the Lean Nutrition formula, which is much lower than the recommended 500-2000 milligrams.


This had been thought of as an ingredient that would allow workouts to last longer by erasing the effects of fatigue. However, certain studies have shown it to be ineffective for taking away fatigue. It should also be noted that high doses of choline could lead to major headaches.

Which is probably why the label cautions against taking any more than the two pills that they suggested per day. Considering its ineffectiveness, the presence of it in Lean Nutrition is highly unnecessary.


This is extracted from cayenne peppers and has been proven to produce thermogenic effects that can result in the boosting of metabolic rates. However, studies need to be conducted further. There are 50 milligrams of it in Lean Nutrition, which is the average amount found in most supplements. Note, that side-effects may arise when this is ingested orally – like an uncomfortable burning in the throat.

Kela Nut

Another ingredient providing some more caffeine. There is 50 milligrams of it in the Lean Nutrition formula. Much like guarana, there isn’t much caffeine inside of it to actually have proven to be effective on it’s own.


Also called Vitamin B3, there are 13 milligrams of it in the Lean Nutrition Formula. This amount should be enough to help people who have vitamin B3 deficiency. Niacin has not been proven to work for people who get regular amounts of it on a day to day basis, in fact, most studies have been inconclusive. Results vary from actual weight loss, to no change, and even added weight gain.

Where to Buy Lean Nutrition?

With 60 pills per container, which should last 30 days, the price of Lean Nutrition is actually fairly cheap. It’s priced at 12 Euros or 14 US Dollars, which is much cheaper than most fat burner supplements. This has probably tempted some to take the leap, as it’s also easily purchased through here.  

Does Lean Nutrition Fat Metaboliser Work?

This will not work for everyone. There are ingredients in the formula that have been proven to work, like caffeine, green tea, cayenne, etc. However, the dosages of all of them are too low to result to any significant weight loss.

Also, some of the ingredients (Guarana and Kola nut) serves no other purpose aside from being caffeine additives – which drives the caffeine content per serving to 212 milligrams. Which doesn’t add much to the 150 milligrams of pure caffeine in the formula. Of course, we can’t forget to mention the use of choline and capsicum – which are known to cause some uncomfortable side-effects.

Lean Nutrition Fat Metaboliser Review Conclusion

This is not something I would recommend. The potency of the ingredients will not result in any significant fat loss. If you’re looking for a fat burner supplement that comes with high doses that can help you achieve quick weight loss, you can check out our Top 3 Fat Burners review. The number one supplement on the list is called Instant Knockout, which is a highly acclaimed fat burner that should get you the results you want.

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Lean Nutrition


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