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Lean Active Fat Metaboliser Review

Lean Active Fat Metaboliser Review

The Lean Nutrition Fat Metaboliser supplement is said to be a very efficient fat burner that will increase your energy and metabolism. It is also said to suppress your appetite, meaning you will get less cravings that lead to overeating and mess up your diet.

The supplement supposedly burns excess fat, helping you get slimmer faster. It apparently uses a number of natural and healthy ingredients to achieve this effect, as well as the dreaded proprietary blend. Let’s look further into this and see if this supplement is all it’s cracked up to be.

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Unfortunately, this supplements ingredients does include the dreaded proprietary blend. This means that there is likely something that they are hiding within their ingredients, as brands only tend to list proprietary blends as ingredients if there is something they want to cover up.

Lean Active Fat Metaboliser Review


This ingredient works more to increase your memory, your mental strength, and your focus. It helps when you want to keep dialed in during your workouts and you don’t want your mind to feel tired from all the mental stress it takes to keep up a successful diet routine. Aside from the mental benefits, this ingredient doesn’t really do much with regards to burning fat.

Green Tea

Green tea is a very popular ingredient in weight loss supplements, and for good reason. It’s a thermogenic ingredient that does a great job at burning excess fat from the body. This ingredient is a great addition to this supplement.


This ingredient is great for stimulating you. It gives you added alertness, increased energy, and even helps your body burn its fat faster. Your metabolism will get stronger, as will your muscles are power output increases. It’s key if you want to keep high energy levels while following a low-calorie diet.


Guarana contains high levels of caffeine, while also containing a lot of antioxidants that help a lot with the overall health of the body.


This is an amino acid that improves your blood circulation, making nutrients move your body quicker to get to where they need to be more efficient. It’s really effective at helping you deal better with workouts.


This ingredient is actually often found in chilies. It is what give the chili its heat. Once it enters your body it raises your body temperature, which aids in the loss of excess fat as energy as your body works to cool itself down. It also suppresses your appetite.

Kola Nut

This nutrient also contains high levels of caffeine and helps a lot to increase your energy levels.


A mineral that helps with your overall health. It regulates your levels of blood sugar. This helps the body store less fat.

Where You Can Buy Lean Active Fat Metaboliser

Price: $48.99

You can purchase this product either online or at many different retailers. Dolphin Fitness and Boots.com are two of the most well-known retailers that sell this supplement.  Its price varies in different stores, the price mentioned above is from Amazon.

Lean Active Fat Metaboliser Side Effects

The supplement is generally safe, but as it does contain a lot of caffeine there are still some side effects you need to be looking out for. These can range from something relatively minor like temporary jitters, headaches, and nausea. To high blood pressure, insomnia, anxiety, or an abnormal heart rate.

It all really depends on how much you take. Everyone’s tolerance levels are different, so you should learn about yourself and know how much you can take of certain things before they start to affect you negatively. The supplement should only really have side effects if you overdo it and go beyond your limits.


Overall, this supplement is actually pretty good, aside from one main flaw. The majority of its ingredients are effective and are in general very healthy, but hardly enough of them are actual fat burners.

The main issue is the proprietary blend. Having this on the ingredients list seems shady as it seems there are some ingredients and their doses that the creator of the supplement does not want to share with the rest of the world.

For this reason, along with the possible side effects that can occur when you take a supplement without knowing exactly what is in it, we would suggest avoiding this supplement and trying something else. If you want to get a head start on that, then you can check out our Top 3 Fat Burners list.

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