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Lean Active Fat Burner Review

The Lean Active Lean Day Fat Burner is a popular dietary supplement and has built quite a reputation for itself recently. The formula used to create the supplement is known to be high strength and is said to have great results.

The company behind the supplement, Lean Active, are a strong company with a good reputation in this field. They have a lot of products that have come before this, which have been received well by their user base.

This latest dietary supplement is a fat burner that is said to make a big difference in those trying to achieve weight loss goals. The fat burner works to fire up the metabolism and burn great amounts of excess fat, leaving you with a slimmer and healthier body. Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients that make this product so effective.

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Firstly it’s important to note that this product doesn’t use a proprietary blend. Its ingredients are right there for all to see, so things are pretty transparent and straightforward in that regard. Now let’s judge the ingredients and break down their effects.

Lean Active Fat Burner Review


This is a Mediterranean blend of fruit extracts that aid the body in burning off the excess fat on the body. The fruits involved are grapefruit, guarana, and orange.

Energy also increases after taking this ingredient, with experts saying it increased up to 180kcal per day. This leads to huge losses of the excess fat that find their way around your waist and other areas of your body.

Sinetrol is a thermogenic, meaning it heats up your body and burns off the excess fat that has been accumulated. Which means it’s a great ingredient to include in a weight loss supplement.


This is another thermogenic that works in a similarly effective way to Sinetrol. It includes a green tea extract that is rich in phytonutrients. It assists in a big way with fat oxidation. In general, green tea extracts seem to be badly absorbed by the body, with only 10% (on the high end) having bioavailability.

However, Phytofare’s bioavailability is much, much higher. Coming in at almost 80%, the number of phytonutrients that enter the blood are much higher than with most green tea extracts.


This ingredient is really adept at helping the body break down fats in the body, which makes it a great ingredient to be on this list.


Zinc supports the metabolism, making it work faster and more effectively. It helps deal with carbohydrates and fatty acids.


Chromium regulates the blood sugar levels. By doing this, it allows the body to store less fat meaning that when you do eat badly, there will be less evidence that remains in the longer term!

Iodine: This ingredient helps maintain thyroid functions.

Where you can buy Lean Active Fat Burner

Price: £26.24

You can purchase the supplement on the Lean Active website directly. There are also certain retailers that carry the item, but that changes depending on your location. The most reliable (and cheapest) place to purchase the product is definitely through their online store.

Lean Active Fat Burner Side Effects

The product does not have any significant side effects. However, it is, of course, recommended that both children and pregnant/breastfeeding women do not take the supplement.


This supplement is a better option than a lot of its competitors in the market. Its ingredients are a lot more effective, reliable and healthy.It’s also worth mentioning that Lean Active is a strong brand that has a lot of cache in this field. Their products are usually high quality, and I don’t see this product being any different.

The only area where there could be a slight concern is with the blends. There isn’t a proprietary blend per se, but there are blends that are listed instead of listing each ingredient uniquely.

The only thing that could dissuade this suspicion that they are hiding something is the fact that the ingredients mentioned as being part of the blend are generally harmless. So it is unlikely that the blend is hiding any dark secrets that could cause adverse effects to the users of this supplement down the road.

However, it’s also very likely that some of those ingredients are underdosed are wholly ineffective. As such, we recommend that you look elsewhere. You can start by checking out our Top 3 Fat Burners list.

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