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Kodiak Carnished Review

There are lots of supplements that will push you to workout harder and achieve your desired goals faster. There are fat burners, pre-workouts, testosterone boosters and many others that can do wonders for your body.

The tricky part is choosing one that works best for you and your desired physique. Every person interacts with the ingredients differently, sometimes even the worst supplement can do wonders.

The Kodiak Sports Nutrition has a supplement that can work for you as a pre-workout and a fat burner. With their formula, they are promising enhanced energy, quicker recovery of your muscles, a fat loss which leads to weight loss.

Now, the problem is fairly obvious. With so many promises, we can expect the ingredient to be a bit clunky. The Kodiak Carnishred is definitely not the first fat burner supplement that promises to do so many things.

However, is it the one that will finally give us those promised benefits? Well, this review should be able to answer those questions for you.

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Ingredients of Kodiak Carnishred

Kodiak Carnished Ingredients


This is an amino acid and a good choice from Kodiak Sports Nutrition. This ingredient is supposed to give you more energy and improve your focus and metabolism. It works well and can be found in many pre-workouts and fat burners.

Lean GBB

This nutrient will help your body accept the upper ingredient – Carnitine, even better. It is a perfect combination even though it has no real connection to fat loss.

Vitamin B

It will improve the overall health of your body and improve your energy and metabolism. However, the real problem is that it only does its marvels if you are in lack of vitamin B.


It helps with fat loss. It is an element of capsicum and will increase your core temperature, which will lead to fat burn and weight loss. It is a good ingredient that will improve your muscularity.


Improves the production of L-Carnitine and helps provide you with more energy. It’s also been said to increase overall performance. Allowing you higher intensity training, and more repetitions and heavier weights for lifting.


This is an important and natural ingredient which will help you with your power and energy, making your training more effective and dynamic.

Melegueta Seed Extract

This is a natural ingredient that is very similar to ginger. It can increase the metabolic rate and help you to regulate your weight.

Where to buy Kodiak Carnishred

You can find this supplement on the official website of Kodiak Sports Nutrition. It is pretty expensive coming at a price of 49.99 US Dollars. It is quite luxurious, but we are not disappointed with its nutrients. At least they put a high price for a supplement with a good formula. Not the best formula, but one of the better out there.

Let’s talk about the side effects which are probably the most important category when you are choosing a supplement.

Negative Side effects of Kodiak Carnishred

We believe that they missed out on several ingredients that are essential for a fat burner or even a pre-workout. They could have put more appetite suppressants that will finally stop those unnecessary food cravings that will stop you from gaining more weight and build a lean body.

If you take this product the proper way, you probably won’t experience any side effects. Just take it the proper way and don’t overreact with its dosage. Read the label and study the warnings.

You should, however, consult with a doctor and maybe stop any potential allergies. Every person reacts differently to a supplement, and if it is your first time, you should be extra careful.

Conclusion for Kodiak Carnished

While it is pretty expensive for a supplement, we believe that it can actually help you somewhat. Coming without any potential side effects and the fact that it is created with several essential ingredients, maybe this supplement is worth the price.

Of course, there are always better supplements out there.There’s potential with the Kodiak Carnished. There’s no ingredients that are too harmful, or too overbearing. However, its effectiveness as a fat burner ingredient is a bit lacking.

They could have added a few more ingredients to make this a more efficient fat burner. Because as it stands? This is mild at best. With the price they’re asking for, you can get better supplements that will help you lost more weight. 

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