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KETO Weight Loss Fat Burner Review

KETO Weight Loss is a new introduction by BPI Sports, which promises to be the best fat burner supplement out there by supporting weight management and improving endurance and focus to fuel your workout sessions. But does it really live up to the expectations? Is it worth your money and time? Did it make it to our list of top 3 fat burners? Keep reading to find out.


KETO Weight Loss was a serious let down in terms of packaging. It has a combination of light blue and white on its label, and a black lid with bright yellow lettering- not exactly a combination you’d expect to see in a weight loss supplement.


While the packaging turned out to be pretty okay, KETO Weight Loss seems to be interesting when it comes to ingredients. It seems to contain a good set of ingredients, but on the downside, it is a proprietary blend, and the proportion of the ingredients is not revealed. Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients and decide if it is worth it.

KETO Weight Loss Blend

This proprietary blend contains ingredients such as Beta-hydroxybutyrate, Calcium Beta-hydroxybutyrate, Magnesium beta-hydroxybutyrate, Sodium beta-hydroxybutyrate, Caffeine anhydrous, Guarana extract, Medium chain triglycerides, Coconut oil powder and cocoa extracts in varying quantities.

KETO Weight Loss also claims to be the first ever ketogenic weight loss formula that is specifically designed for low carb eaters who are looking to increase their fat burning power. When taken in the right quantity, it can help support weight loss, enhance mental focus, control appetite, improve endurance and do a lot more.

The MCTs and BHB salts help compel the body from burning glucose to burning fat for energy, thereby giving you that bout of sustained energy to help your workouts get better. It also offers a smooth release of energy so that you can perform at your best, and there’s no need for any crashes or jitters.

It also packs in a good amount of caffeine which helps boost your metabolism naturally, and its stimulant properties help burn excess body fat due to thermogenesis.

On the downside though, since the amounts of each of these are not well known, KETO Weight Loss could prove to be risky if consumed for a long term.


As far as the dosage is concerned, 1 servings makes up for 3 capsules, and it is best taken daily in the morning on an empty stomach. Since a single serving is already a heavy dose, increasing the dosage is not recommended.

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KETO Weight Loss is priced at $39.99 for a bottle containing 75 capsules, which is reasonable to an extent. It could have done better though- either by increasing the number of capsules in a bottle or by lowering the price tag a bit to make it even more affordable.


All in all, the KETO Weight Loss fat burner is not really a good choice if you’re looking for a reliable supplement that provides you strength and energy throughout the workout sessions, and helps you with weight management as well. Instead, you can check out our list of top 3 fat burners to get the best choices that are pocket friendly and effective as well.

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