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Kayla Bikini Body Guide Review

Have you finally reached your wits end trying to find a Workout Guide that will work for you? Our Kayla Bikini Body Guide Review will be looking into a product that claims to provide powerful results. Are these claims to be believed? Read on to find out!

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What is the Kayla Bikini Body Guide?

The Kayla Bikini Body workout guide promises to give you quick results by toning your body in all the right ways. It’s not a claim that we haven’t already heard. However,  it doesn’t claim to do much more than that.

It keeps most of its claims on the low profile. Furthermore, it does pretty well marketing-wise, and it claims that at least 30,000 people have tried out and loved their product.

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One of the more interesting parts about the Kayla Bikini Body Guide, is that it claims to be for beginners. That’s not necessarily a new thing, but a lot of the Workout guides that we’ve been seeing lately were set up more for people who were already fit.

However, putting all of that aside, our team did decide to check out the program for ourselves. Just to get a feel of what it’s actually like.

Who presents Kayla bikini body guide?

The program is named after the creator, who just so happens to be the one presenting the product as well. She’s well known for her contributions to the fitness industry. She’s appeared on several TV programs to advertise her products. That, in itself, should tell you about the kind of influence she has.

Kayla keeps the brand for her product very professional. She has several products up that is trained to help beginners get into fitness. Ultimately, she’s a very knowledgeable woman, and she has the body to back up her claims.

What Exercises are in the Kayla Bikini Body Guide?Kayla Bikini Body Guide Review

Their website does give a pretty clear outline as to what you’re supposed to do. So that backs up their claim about it being more set up for beginners.

Let’s have a look at some of its features!

  • They separated all the important muscle groups within the week, with each day focusing on a different part of the body.
  • Isolated workouts are perfect for making sure that every part of your body is being given the attention that it deserves. This is what allows for you to have that toned look.
  • They do compound exercises as well. This is where they focus on several muscle groups at a time. They’re more effective for losing weight, as it works the entire body.
  • The entire guide lasts for around 12 weeks, that’s 3 months of exercises outlined.
  • Kayla presents the exercises in a fairly comprehensive way, enough for even beginners to understand.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

There were a couple of warning bells that rang in our heads when we were looking over this product, but not all of it was bad.

Let’s look at the positives first! This is a very relaxed program. It was intended for beginners, or people who didn’t have access to gym memberships or fully stocked at-home gyms, and it delivered that content. It pays attention to the kind of exercises that someone new can handle.

That brings us to our “Cons.” It’s not a bad guide, in that it works. If you’re a beginner, then you might prefer something like this, slow and relaxed. However, you can’t expect permanent results with this guide. Furthermore, it’s not much different from all of the other guides out there either. There’s nothing about it that makes it stand out, or even- worth the money that they’re asking for.

How Much Is the Kayla Bikini Body Guide Worth?

If you want the full program, then you’re going to have to be prepared to spend some money. It totals to about $100, that’s premium-priced. It’s not the most expensive that we’ve seen, but it’s definitely up there.

Kayla Bikini Body Guide Results

Not going to lie, this product should work for some people. If you stick to it? Then you’re likely to find some of the results that you’re looking for. Does that mean that it’s the Workout Guide for you? Not necessarily. It might provide results, but nothing that is likely to last for very long.

Kayla Bikini Body Guide Conclusion

Although this product was made to appear premium, it doesn’t really offer anything that we haven’t already seen. It’s a beginner guide that should provide some help with getting into fitness, but that’s not something you can’t already find in tons of free blogs or videos.

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