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Kaged Muscle Ferodrox Review

Ferodrox is a testosterone boosting supplement manufactured by Kaged Muscle. Nowadays, there are lots of boosters out there and it is very tricky to find a good one that will work miracles for your body. Kaged Muscle is based in the USA and it is a fairly promising company and we can see that they were fully committed to putting the right ingredients in this supplement.

By making and advertising this supplement, they are promising that you will experience higher levels of testosterone that will lead to muscle mass and strength, improved endurance, improved overall performance, and should increase the speed of your muscle recovery.

Taking a look at the ingredients, we believe that most of them are honestly chosen and clinically checked. They are all-natural and somewhat effective, but there are doubts on if they are the best on the market.

A definite positive about this supplement is that you can see that there are no proprietary blends on their nutritional label. This way, you can take a look at the dosage of every ingredient.

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Kaged Muscle Ferodrox Ingredients  Kaged Muscle Ferodrox Ingredients


This nutrient says a lot about their choices. Zinc is among the best natural minerals in your body and it will balance that levels between testosterone and the hormones. A  definite good job on this one.

D-Aspartic Acid

This is very similar to the Zinc and helps with the production of hormones and testosterone.

Eurycoma Longfilia

Going down the line, their choices are making us quite unsure. This extract is there to support the production of testosterone, but that is not proven yet. The only good part about it is the fact that it can slightly boost your libido.

Diindolylmethane (DIM)

Another nutrient that doesn’t have enough studies to prove that it works. However, it should decrease the level of hormones and increase the testosterone level. Sounds good, but, we are not sure about it.


Well, this ingredient is very promising and changes the status of the proprietary blends. This nutrient lowers the level of cortisol (stress hormone) and by doing that, your testosterone level goes up. This means that you will feel more focused and relaxed.


This is a great addition to the T-Booster supplement and it will increase your testosterone level significantly. It might come in handy to those who are infertile.


Also known as Black Pepper Extract and it will help you to better absorb the other nutrients that you consume. This is a great bonus to the supplement and will make sure that your body isn’t rejecting any of the above-mentioned ingredients.

Where to buy Kaged Muscle Ferodrox

If you are ready to get it and see if it works, you can find this supplement on their website. However, it comes with a little bit higher price. For 59.99 US Dollars, you will get 60 capsules and you should take 2 capsules per day. Either take them together or 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon.

Although expensive, it might bring you the results that you are seeking for. After all, the ingredients are not that bad.

Kaged Muscle Ferodrox Side effects

The only risky ingredient is the Diindolylmethane because some people experienced nausea or stomach pain after taking the first few capsules. However, you can find DIM on many other good testosterone boosters and it is up to your body if it will react badly to the ingredients.

Another thing is the allergies. The ingredients in this testosterone are natural which means that some people can experience slight allergies. If you are having problems with allergies and having doubts about what can happen by consuming this product, you should contact your doctor and ask for an advice.

Other than that, there isn’t a very serious side effect that can harm your body significantly. We are not saying that this supplement is the best, but we know that there are a lot worse out there.

Kaged Muscle Ferodrox Results Review and Expected Effects

If you are ready to boost up your performance, then maybe you’d want to give the Kaged Muscle Ferodrox a chance. However, there are a couple of set backs that have us looking for a better alternative. It’s pricey, and some of the ingredients are making us quite unsure about the safety of taking this supplement.

Of course, we have seen supplements with much worse and unnecessary nutrients.However, we’ve also seen a lot of supplements that are much better. If you are ready to empty your pockets a little bit more than usual, you should get this testosterone booster.

It should provide some level of effectiveness in regards to boosting up your testosterone, however, that boost is mild at best. If you’re looking for a good Testosterone Booster supplement, that will get you to where you need to go. There are definitely better alternatives. 

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