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Just can’t stick to a diet? Tips and tricks to get around it.

Just can’t stick to your diet?? Don’t worry, here’s some tricks to get around that…

Most people just can’t stick to a diet, and when they’re asked why they can’t stick to a diet, the answer is probably – “I don’t know”. We all know that a great nutrition plan or diet is one of the keys to achieving your fitness goals –strength, endurance, maintenance, aesthetic or a combination of all of them. Obesity can cause a serious long term health issues, not to mention damage your self-esteem, and the ruin lifestyle you dream of living. Also developing a healthy-eating habits and doing regular physical activity will help improve you lifespan and make you all round happier. Fitness and a good diet is the best method to combat depression, anxiety, stress, and other health conditions.

Here are some of the excuses people give, and the best simple tips that can help you stick to your diet this time around.

1. I Don’t Have Time to Cook Food

Soup is so quick, easy and can be so healthy!
Soup is so quick, easy and can be so healthy!

Oh! Aren’t we all have no time to cook, right? Just chose a healthy main course, maybe grilled salmon or even rotisserie chicken. And then you can add quick-sides, such as frozen vegetables and 5 – minute whole wheat couscous at home. Avoid ready-made mayo based salads, pasta dishes, ready made casseroles, which are all known to be packed with many hidden calories and often full of extra sugar. If you want a lighter and very quick meal, try out a broth soup and whole grain roll from the deli counter (it has little sodium), and toss in canned beans or even extra veggies at home.

2. I Can’t Do Without Salty Foods

You shouldn’t be stressed concerning the sprinkle of salt you that you add on your bowl of air-popped popcorn or baked potato. Try as much as you can to steer clear from the large amounts of salt . Again, ready meals and often restaurant foods can be packed with far too much salt. If you are craving some salty foods you could try Himalayan rock salt, which is packed with minerals. Again though, watch your intake. Consider lightly seasoning some popcorn or rice cakes with a little salt as an alternative to unhealthy potato chips.

3. Fresh Produce I Buy, Spoils Too Quickly

Generally, veggies and fresh fruits can’t stay fresh for too long as you probably know. Make sure you buy the right amount you need for the week. Store them in a proper way, by keeping the produce on the second or third shelf of your fridge in the thin plastic bags that you can often get at supermarkets. these types of bags are designed to allow the fruit or vegetables a little room to breathe. Always remember to store them a little bit away from each other. If any of the produce spoils, remove it immediately to avoid fungal spores from spreading to other fresh produce. Try avoid storing some fruit, such as bananas or mangoes in the fridge they last longer when un-refrigerated.

4. Foods with High-Fiber Upset My Stomach

It’s very important to make an effort to consume more fiber, it helps in reducing cholesterol levels as well keeping you slim and fit (we’re very big on that!). High-fiber foods are normally low-cal as well as fill you up for longer. If you have trouble and high fibre foods seem to be upsetting your stomach, look at how much you are consuming. You can have too much of a good thing. If these problems persist, speak to a medical professional.

White Fish
White Fish Is Great For Your Diet

5. I Know Fish Is Good For My Health, But I Don’t Like It

Most people don’t like seafood due to its smell or strong favor. Not all seafood stinks though. With act1allly 150 calories, a baked 4 ounce piece of fish gives more protein than a burger and also more potassium than when compared to a banana. Fish is one of the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids which protects your memory and your heart. Cod,sea bass and generally most white fish, really go well with other flavors, so if you like what they’re seasoned with, chances are you’ll probably love these varieties of fish too.

6. I’m a Carb Junkie

The brains major source of fuel is carbohydrates. The refined carbs you are probably eating such as, sweets and bread aren’t what your body really needs, they easily overreact and cause more health problems. They also trigger a release of insulin, which reduces blood sugar and make you feel tired and hungry after a few minutes. What should I do? Put protein to your snack and meals, because it digests slowly, and helps to keep you fuller longer than those refined carbs. There are good sources of protein, such as poultry, eggs, lean beef, beans, light tuna and cottage cheese.

7. Invest in a Fat Burner

It’s probably not a surprise to you that we think of a good natural fat burning supplement as an investment on your health. The right fat burners can not only give you a boost of energy, but will actually give you that feeling of being full and raise your metabolism, getting you into that all important calorific deficit. We’re putting in plenty of research to try and bring you THE best fat burners on the market and have a very effective and premium product currently sitting at number #1

Just can’t stick to your diet? Now you’ll have a whole load of ways to help!

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